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Electoral committee the candidate for mayors of Samara, the deputy gubdumy Michael Matveev used the right to sign

Yesterday has notified the regional government on carrying out of a series of pickets and a meeting on the square of Glory against restrictions of a political competition and democratic freedom . To carry out actions it promises, if the municipal electoral committee removes it from pre-election race. Discharges from participation in elections are afraid also other self-promoted workers. In election committee promise to be extremely objective, and in an United Russia do not see occasions to loud statements. Political scientists consider that participation of a great number of candidates can prevent a victory of United Russia party member Dmitry Azarov, therefore check of signatures can be used for electoral field clearing.
past Saturday the Samara electoral committee has ended documents acceptance for registration of candidates in mayors. Three are already registered: operating mayor Victor Tarhov ( Fair Russia ) The regional minister of wildlife management Dmitry Azarov ( an United Russia ) and the deputy of the State Duma Yury Kogan (LDPR). The Communist Party of the Russian Federation of the candidate did not begin to put forward. Under signatures five are going to be registered: the non-party deputy Samara gubdumy Michael Matveev, the chairman of not registered party Will Svetlana Peunova, the city deputy - spravoross Alexey Ofitserov, the non-party speaker of the Samara parliament Vitaly Ilyin, and also the chairman Samara regotdelenija Patriots of Russia Valery Sintsov. eks - the mayor of Samara George Limansky and the deputy gordumy spravoross Sergey Bogdanov have refused participation in elections.

the candidates who have handed over in electoral committee of the signature necessary for registration of voters, are disturbed that can be refused. Past Friday the municipal electoral committee has made decision to check up 100 % of signatures (their total more than 100 thousand) Instead of 25 % as intended to make earlier. In the commission have explained such step aspiration to bolshej objectivity . According to a member of municipal electoral committee of Oleg Kazacheka, GIK aspired to avoid claims from candidates who would remain are dissatisfied with random inspection of signatures.

actions of the commission Michael Matveev differently estimates. In the blog he has declared that registration or not registration is purely political decision . The deputy has called all candidates for mayors and in the deputies, handed over to the signature, to hold working meeting on development of uniform strategy of political actions in case of removal of the majority of real candidates by electoral committee . Yesterday mister Matveev has directed to the regional government the notice on carrying out before a building of the regional government of a series of pickets from September, 6 till September, 10th and meeting on September, 11th for expressions of the protest against restriction of a political competition and democratic freedom in the Samara region . He has noticed that actions will not take place, if it register. Earlier Michael Matveev has already addressed to Dmitry Medvedev with the request to check legality of elections and to explain to governor Vladimir Artjakovu of a basis of the elective legislation. He also promised that in case of removal of self-promoted workers from elections will call for scale protest actions, up to meeting with the requirement of cancellation of results of elections and resignations of the regional authorities.

in default Svetlana Peunovoj`s registration are ready to meetings and courts and in to the Ox . A press - the secretary of the organisation Galina Jurtaeva has noticed that, under its data while claims to signatures in support of madam Peunovoj at checking are not present. But that will be further, it is not known, - madam Jurtaeva speaks. - I Think that the version that GIK has decided to check up all signatures, because self-promoted workers will cut off it is close to truth .

In an United Russia Sceptically estimate statements of self-promoted workers. to lift a hysteria round check of signatures Michael Matveev has begun, still when at it was not neither a horse, nor a cart - the head of regional executive committee " has noted; an United Russia Victor Kuznetsov, naming statements of mister Matveeva for carrying out of protest actions political blackmail . Mister Kuznetsov says that self-promoted workers in the party in power do not consider as Dmitry Azarov`s serious opponents. according to all available information, their current ratings fluctuate from 2 to 7 % - Victor Kuznetsov has declared.

political scientist Rostislav Turovsky considers that check of signatures in Samara will be rigid also can be used in case of receipt political signals . As far as I understand, the situation uneasy for the candidate of United Russia party members Dmitry Azarov, and participation of superfluous candidates can affect its victory, - mister Turovsky speaks. - Azarov`s rating is low enough, and without additional technologies and an administrative resource to win to it is unreal . According to the expert, especially captiously the municipal electoral committee will check Michael Matveeva and Vitaly Ilyin`s signatures. quality of signatures in Russia the lowest, and is enough to become attached to any comma. In regions time and again happened that election committees made decisions which essentially changed an alignment of forces on elections - the political scientist has added.