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The Nizhniy Novgorod airport has interested five investors

In competition on reconstruction of the Nizhniy Novgorod international airport five companies participate. As Natalia Kazachkova has informed yesterday the minister of an investment policy of region, past Friday the competitive commission has studied offers of participants and now within 15 days will spend an estimation of their qualification. To name the potential participants of the basic tender who has passed selection, the ministry plans in the middle of September. Then the companies will present the projects of modernisation of the airport. We will remind, on conditions of competition except guarantees of financial stability konkursant should have management experience by the international airport and financings of objects of a transport infrastructure. The result of competition will depend as a whole on conditions of participation of potential investors in the repayment dopemissii the airport: the winner should offer, in particular, a ceiling price for approximately 281,5 thousand actions a face-value not less than 2520 rbl. Everyone (that is package cost cannot be more low about 710 million rbl.) . According to the project of the investment agreement, with the repayment dopemissii shares in a share capital will be distributed as follows: the Nizhniy Novgorod region in the name of the regional ministry of the state property and ground resources will own about 95,6 thousand actions (25,001 % of the capital of a society), FGUP International aeroportnizhny Novgorod - about 5,27 thousand actions (a share in 1,378 %), and the winner of competition with a package in 281,5 thousand actions as a result will have the right to dispose of a share in 73,621 %. As a result the investor should enclose in development of the international airport Nizhni Novgorod not less than 3,3 mlrd rbl. In particular, in reconstruction of existing air terminal of the investment should not be below 217,3 million rbl., in building of the new passenger terminal by the area of 8 thousand in sq. m - not less than 880 million rbl., in expansion of the new passenger terminal to 20 thousand in sq. m - not less than 1,32 mlrd rbl. In reconstruction of an existing infrastructure and office accommodations - not less than 883 million rbl. As a whole monetary injections will be distributed on three phases: first two - with 2010 for 2016, the third - after achievement of a volume of passenger traffic to an order of 900 thousand passengers in a year throughout two years on end.