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The Rostov Duma has beckoned new deputies

past Friday the Rostov electoral committee has finished reception of statements from candidates in Rostov - on - Don a municipal duma of the fifth convocation. Statements were submitted by 162 candidates representing six parties, and also self-promoted workers. Observers believe that following the results of elections United Russia party members will keep the majority of places in the Rostov parliament. Communists, in order to avoid falsifications during voting, promise to use high technologies.

as have informed in the Rostov municipal electoral committee, on participation in election campaign from an United Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has arrived on 35 statements, from LDPR - 33 statements, from Fair Russia - 24 statements, from the Apple - seven statements. One candidate was declared from party Patriots of Russia . Besides, itself have declared 27 self-promoted workers.

According to the secretary of municipal election committee of Irina Vojtsehovsky, last afternoon registration of candidates in electoral committee is on fifth of September. To several candidates for registration it is already rendered, but quantity otkaznikov the representative of the commission has found it difficult to specify, having noticed that while them less than ten persons .

Elections in Rostov - on - Don a municipal duma of the fifth convocation will take place on October, 10th, 2010. Deputies will be selected on 35 one-mandatory districts of a city. the Previous convocation was selected in 2005. Now in city parliament 33 deputies (two this year have left the Duma in connection with appointment to posts of heads of areas) work. 24 operating deputies are members an United Russia one - a member of LDPR, the others - self-promoted workers. the Head of the Rostov city executive committee an United Russia Yury Novikov in conversation with has expressed confidence of a victory bolshej to a part of candidates of the party. According to mister Novikova, problems can be only in one-two districts where serious candidates of contenders are presented. One of such contenders the United Russia party member named businessman Dmitry Buslidze representing Fair Russia . Representatives of the party of the power already plan on distribution of supervising posts in the future parliament.

on a post of the chairman of the Duma of the fifth convocation we plan to put forward Zynaida Nejarohinu (is the chairman of the Duma of the fourth convocation - ) - mister Novikov has told.

At the same time the head of the device of bureau of Council of regional branch Fair Russia Sergey Kosinov has told that its party with confidence plans a victory of five promoted workers. However mister Kosinov admitted that if candidates Fair Russia Will pass in the Duma they on elections of the chairman too, most likely, will support madam Nejarohinu. Basically, questions to it special are not present - he has noted.

at the Rostov communists other intentions. In district where madam Nejarohina stands, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has put forward Evgenie Bessonov (one of the most known Rostov communists, is the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region - ).

Thus we let know to our voters, what importance for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation these elections " have; - the second secretary Rostov obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bessons (Evgenie Bessonov`s brother) has told .

It has expressed fears that during elections it is necessary to expect the various infringements directed on maintenance of a victory of candidates from an United Russia . On - to another will not be. Otherwise United Russia party members will lose the power. We intend to approach seriously to a question of control of selective process - mister Bessons has told. As he said, one of measures communistic control there will be an organisation of video translations from polling districts through the Internet in a mode on - line. We want, that our observers were on polling districts with videocameras, with laptops. We consider that it is not forbidden by the law as elections are an open process - Vladimir Bessons has declared.

according to the general director of fund Applied political science Sergey Smirnova, following the results of elections an United Russia will reserve the most part of deputy mandates.

the majority of candidates from an United Russia objectively more strongly the opponents. Skeleton of United Russia party members in the Duma is made by businessmen, skilled managers. Such people are always more known to voters, besides, they possess more considerable resources - intellectual, personnel and material - mister Smirnov has told.