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Program state maintenance

the Largest Russian manufacturers of the software (ON) ask the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to interfere in a situation with granting IT - to the companies of tax privileges. The bill compensating losses of the companies after replacement by unified social tax on insurance payments, is not accepted by the State Duma till now, manufacturers mark. Export of the Russian software which throughout last five years grew on the average on 35 % a year, in 2009 for the first time has stopped and has made $2,75 billion As consequence, following the results of has passed year Russia has conceded the third place in export volume ACROSS Brazil.
noncommercial partnership Russoft and association the Domestic software have sent the joint letter (is on hand ) To Dmitry Medvedev. Has passed exactly year since the company Russoft has directed the reference to the president, it is told in the letter. Then the largest manufacturers and exporters of a software asked to take measures on liberalisation of a tax mode for IT - branches. In it it was said that the basic threat is unified social tax replacement with insurance payments in off-budget funds which has occurred to January, 1st, 2010. In 2010 the cumulative tariff of insurance payments is at unified social tax level (26 %), but in 2011 will grow to 34 %. In the letter developers of a software specified to Dmitry Medvedev that unified social tax replacement will increase expenses of exporters ON on 50 - 80 %.

According to NP Russoft growth of volumes of export ON, making for last five years on the average about 35 % a year, for the first time in 2009 has stopped ($2,75 mlrd) and became equal to zero. Besides that IT - branches of India and China on - former step up export of the software and IT - services (plus of 16 % and 36 % accordingly following the results of 2009). Moreover, in 2009 Russia has conceded the third place in export volume ACROSS Brazil. BRICK (Brazil, India, China) have accepted other countries special programs of support of the industry of working out ON while Russia during crisis has increased burden of taxes to this industry, mark in association.

seeing absence of adequate measures on maintenance of the industry of working out of offshore programming, during 2009 - 2010 the largest Russian companies studied variants of translation of the centres of working out in other countries (Belarus, China, Vietnam, Romania) or reduced volume of investments into new products - it is told in the letter. Its authors notice that it contrasts with Dmitry Medvedev`s offers on creation of the best conditions for conducting innovative business.

In Minkomsvjazi supervising IT - branch, notice that recognise importance of measures on support not only exporters, but also all software developers . Nevertheless, specify in Minkomsvjazi, with calculations and financially - economic justifications the ministry has directed the offers to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and trade and Minzdravsotsrazvitija in October, 2009.

Russoft unites the largest software developers of Russia (only 61 participant of partnership). Among them ABBYY, EPAM Systems, Luxoft, Aplana and others. Association the Domestic software it is formed in September, 2009, among its participants - 21 company: 1, the Doctor the Web the Beech Kaspersky`s Laboratory and others.

In structure of the cost price of production at exporters and developers of a software and IT - services of an expense for the personnel can reach 80 % while average value on all branches is equal approximately 13 %. The general director of the company - the developer of software Luxoft (enters into group of companies IBS) Dmitry Loshchinin says that since 2011 this business becomes if not unprofitable, extremely nizkomarzhinalnym. As he said, if urgent measures the domestic companies will stop growth in Russia are not taken and will start to develop more actively business abroad.

there is a question on a survival, the general director of the developer of software Aplana Victor Weinstein speaks. As he said, now many companies, which staff does not exceed 50 persons, use the simplified scheme of the taxation which allows to pay 14 % from payment fund. but this option is accessible only till the end of 2010 - it explains. Moving to neighbouring countries are one of survival variants in new conditions, mister Weinstein adds.

one year ago, authors of the letter mark, Dmitry Medvedev has charged to the government to prepare offers on legislation liberalisation. As a result in the end of the last year the Council presidium at the president on development of an information society has decided that developers and exporters ON should pay insurance payments in the state off-budget funds under the lowered rate. Dropping out incomes of funds (are estimated in 5 - 7 mlrd rbl.) Should compensate the state at the expense of the federal budget. Following the results of presidium session the commission to the government has been given and to Minkomsvjazi to bring till March, 1st, 2010 the corresponding bill in the State Duma, but these measures and remained non-realised. According to Valentine Makarova, there are two similar bills on granting of privileges: one chairman of committee of the State Duma on economic policy and Evgenie Fedorova`s business, and another is offered Minzdravsotsrazvitija. Feodor`s mister has declared yesterday that its bill will be already considered by the State Duma in September.

meanwhile developers of a software suggest to create the self-adjustable organisation (SRO), membership in which will be the basis for accreditation of the company applying for reception of privileges on social payments. Earlier the Federal agency on information technology (FAIT) which has been abolished last week was engaged in accreditation. One of software developers notices that accreditation of exporters at FAIT was effective and clear for participants of the market, now, after liquidation FAIT, manufacturers have appeared in an uncertainty situation.

exporters ON not the first who asks privileges from the state. As informed (number from August, 25th) last week, AFK " see; System and Rosnano have asked - minister Vladimir Putin to assist the prime minister to development of manufacture of the Russian microelectronics, including tax. To protect home market it is offered by replacement of foreign components domestic.