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The girl in transfer

the Phantom the Press

the Debut novel Dzhin Kvok the Girl in transfer left in May, 2010 and instantly became the best seller with all that it implies: a place in tops, tens transfers, awards for the best debut. The heroine of the novel - the Chinese girl who has arrived to America from Hong Kong: goes to school in the afternoon, in the evening together with mother works at factory in Chajnataune, at night in not heated apartment battles to rats and cockroaches. At all this emigrant nightmare obviously excellent ending, as well as for the biography of Kvok which too has arrived to America from Hong Kong in five years and all childhood has worked at factory, but has thus got to school for exceptional children, has arrived to Harward and now teaches the English literature at Lejdensky university in Holland - and all at it is good. There is nothing surprising that the history of the Chinese Cinderella makes such success, Cinderellas, they, in general, do not bother the reader never. But the novel of Kvok involves also with charming language game - like as Manhattan she names Meath of Huts Tone and cannot understand in any way, for what the teacher calls it you a pizza .