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the Competitive managing director Open Company “ promstrojservis - New Urengoj “ (an INN/ OGRN 8904055329/ 1088904000679; the legal address: 629300, JANAO, New Urengoj, street 26 Congresses of the CPSU, d. 2 “ In “) The organizer of the open auctions in the form of auction, Leonteva Oksana Vladimirovna (member NP “ NGAU “ 625026, Tyumen, street Melnikajte, 94/ 27, Leontyeva - oksana@mail. ru, bodies.: 89088678606) informs on carrying out to the address of the organizer of the auctions 24. 11. 2011 in 10 ch. 00 m. (time Moscow) the repeated auctions (reception of offers at the price of property) in the form of open auction with the open form of giving of offers on the price on cost increase on realisation of property rights: the Subject of the auctions are the rights of the requirement a part one prize : Open Company “ Innovative Building Technologies “: the debt receivable sum: 3 125 944, 62 rbl.; market cost: 19 963, 80 rbl.; Open Company “ NGS “: the debt receivable sum: 458 410, 52 rbl.; market cost: 3 158, 10 rbl.; Open Company “ Rizalti - plus “: the debt receivable sum: 804 679, 45 rbl.; market cost: 5 339, 70 rbl.; Open Company “ Building industry “: the debt receivable sum: 274 064, 16 rbl.; market cost: 1 996, 20 rbl.; Open Company “ StrojLegata “: the debt receivable sum: 250 500 rbl.; market cost: 16 051, 50 rbl.; Open Company the Building company “ SeverMontazhSpetsStroj “: the debt receivable sum: 2 468 970, 50 rbl.; market cost: 15 824, 70 rbl.; the Initial price of sale Lota at the repeated auctions: 62 334 roubles. From the initial price: the size of the deposit of 2 %. Size of increase of the initial and each subsequent price of sale Lota - “ an auction step “: 5 %. The auctions are spent in the electronic form on an electronic trading platform of Joint-Stock Company “ the Savings Bank - nuclear heating plant “: http:// www. sberbank - ast. ru. To participation in the auctions are supposed jur - and fiz. The persons who have submitted the demands with 17. 10. 2011 on 22. 11. 2011, with 11 - 00 ch. To 16 - 00 ch. The given documents according to the list declared in the present report of information, concluded the contract of the deposit and provided not later 22. 11. 2011 receipt into the account of the Organizer of the auctions: r/ sch. 40702810600020000184ΗΐΞ “ Pripoljarkombank “ Tyumen, BIK 047102766, an INN/ a check point 8911017236/ 720302001, to/ sch. 30101810300000000766; the sums of the deposit registered as participants of the auctions. One person has the right to submit only one demand on Lota. For registration on an electronic platform on Lota the applicant represents to the operator of an electronic platform following documents and data: jur. Persons - an extract from EGRJUL/ IP an extract from EGRIP or a copy notarially assured; fiz. Persons - the documents, proving the identity, properly certified translation into Russian of documents gos. Registration jur. Persons/ fiz. Persons as IP according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person); The document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant. JUr. And fiz. Persons make an application on participation in the auctions in any written form (item 11 of item 110 of the Law on bankruptcy and the order of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia from 15. 02. 2010 Ή 54 (avenue Ή 1), in Russian, containing data: the name/ FIO, organizational - the legal form, the location/ residing, the mailing address, number contact bodies., ύλ address. Mails of the applicant, data on presence/ absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director and about character of this interest, data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the competitive managing director, and also data on the applicant, the self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors, a member or which head is the competitive managing director. The applicant has the right to change or withdraw the application form for participation in the auctions at any time before the termination of term of representation of demands.

In a case if to the third announcement of last offer of the price any of participants of the auctions has not declared the intention to offer higher price, auction comes to the end also with the winner of auction the participant who has offered during auction the highest price which has been named by the organizer of auction of last admits. Leading of results of the auctions is made 24. 11. 2011 in 14 ch. 00 m. in a place of their carrying out. Within five days from the date of signing of the report on results of tendering the organizer of the auctions directs to the winner of the auctions the offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of property with the appendix of the project of the given contract according to the presented winner of the auctions by the offer on the property price. The contract of purchase and sale of property should be concluded within five days from the date of reception of the specified offer of the organizer of the auctions. Full payment for property is carried out by the buyer within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale of property into the account of the organizer of the auctions. The contract draught of purchase and sale and the contract on the deposit is subject to inclusion in EFRSB without the publication in the official publication. Acquaintance with Position about an order, about terms, property terms of sale, conditions of participation in auction, the list, characteristics, the price and property structure, treaty provisions of purchase and sale of property of pledge, other documentation, is carried out to the address of the organizer of the auctions.