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Game rules

Ruben Vardanjan, the chairman of board of directors Three Dialogue on a question on, whether correctly understands that in the transaction on raskoltsevaniju a share capital the Autovase is thought up by the company new technology deprivations blurs in a modest smile and ascertains: Well, in general, yes . A way, with which help the Three Rosoboroneksport and also the investors rather carefully hiding legal and the physical person, transform Autovases from the company, owning by itself, into the structure doing leading Russian car factory in the company in which it is possible to invest, is extremely graceful. Put up by a consortium of investors in Autovases money is about $700 million - already now when process is not finished, have beaten off : actions which on them are got, stand more $850 million, and will cost, as it is supposed, not less than $3 billion
Other brokers can simply be whipping the cat: theoretically this scheme could be realised, having enclosed in process on start and $1 million - correctly enough to calculate leaks information on the transactions in the open market, increasing cost of bought up actives. In the end of process the consortium will receive literally from air not less than $2,3 mlrd - even if the Three does not hurry up anywhere, it has already provided to herself profitableness of investments at level of hundreds annual interest rates.

it is approximately clear, to whom exactly finally are obliged by earnings the Three and Rosoboroneksport - as always, in all Boris Berezovsky is guilty. It never hid that zakoltsevanie the capital the Autovase is its idea, and she has allowed eks - to the general director the Autovase to Vladimir Kadannikov many years not to worry about the one to whom from large industrial proprietors the car factory will attract. But no happiness happens eternal. The scheme was good in 1995 when the weight and value the Autovase in the industry were still great. For next ten years at the expense of the closeness provided a ring in an authorised capital stock, Kadannikov has lost weight - and became rather an easy mark Rosoboroneksporta . Deficiency of political and exchange capitalisation the Autovase, actually, also allowed to the Three and to partners, as they confirm (and their counterparts confirm), practically not to use an administrative resource Rosoboroneksporta for buying up of actions the Autovase and it daughters .

It is known that on raskoltsevanie the Autovase Rosoboroneksport come on car factory purely administrative methods, declared something like the informal tender, which the Three with the ideas also has won. Though outwardly it looks trivial, the technology is opened - and now all who can will use it.

where? In the market not so it is a lot of girdled the companies, it is literally units. It would be possible and not to worry, if among them was not Surgutneftegaz . And it there is - the capital of the company of Vladimir Bogdanova, as well as the Autovase, still some time ago has been arranged thus: the company owned by itself. And right now, in the last half a year, the information on that, the share capital " how is now arranged; Surgutneftegaz and it daughters is carefully preserved secret. And last weeks not clear exchange hearings around Surgut in accuracy remind hearings around the Autovase two months ago. At least the recommendation watch for ` Surgut ` the next weeks in okolovlastnyh circles I had to hear not once.

By all calculations, Surgutneftegaz with its present capitalisation in $40 mlrd, with monetary stocks in $14 mlrd and oil recovery in 65 million tons a year hardly costs at raskoltsevanii less than $55 billion If on Vladimir Bogdanova already was the political resource - the Russian market soon waits the transaction in tens times big, than on the Autovase.