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Power Net profit OGK - 2 in 2006 has fallen in 16 razchistaja Open Society profit “ OGK - 2 “ for 2006 has decreased in 16 times in comparison with 2005 - to 146, 5 million roubles, is informed in audirovannoj to the annual accounting reporting of the company prepared according to the Russian standards. In OGK - 2 enter the Pskov, Stavropol state district power station (RTS: STGS), the Surgut state district power station - 1, the Troitsk and Serovsky state district power station. Till September, 29th, 2006 when genkompanija has finished consolidation of actives of these stations, the payment for management was its basic income. Debt receivable OGK - 2 within 2006 has grown in 6 times, having made for December, 31st 2, 7 mlrd roubles, creditor - in 49 times, to 1, 7 mlrd roubles, and the volume of loans and credits has increased from 10 million roubles to 2, 9 mlrd roubles.
“ Interfax “

Power “ Tjumenenergo “ Will accelerate building network energoobektovoao “ Tjumenenergo “ in connection with power consumption growth in region corrects ground plans of network power objects within the limits of the agreement between the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ heads Hunts - Mansijsky, Jamalo - Nenets autonomous regions and the Tyumen region which period of validity is calculated till 2010. As informs a press - service “ Tjumenenergo “ at yesterday`s session of an emergency response centre in Surgut the decision to accelerate performance of the program of building of new capacities was accepted and to allocate priority objects that is connected, in particular, with growth of power consumption of the oil and gas companies and realisation of the national program “ Accessible habitation - to citizens of Russia “.
“ Interfax “

Telecommunications “ JUzhural - the TransTV set “ starts local telefonijuvchera a press - Joint-Stock Company service “ the Juzhural-transTV set “ (Enters into holding “ the TransTV set “) Has informed on start in commercial operation of a network of local telecommunication in Chelyabinsk. In the message it is underlined that the city switchboard is calculated on 3 thousand numbers. By the end of 2007 the alternative operator intends to render a full complex of services of a telephony: local, zonovuju, long-distance and an international telecommunication. Besides, within a year the company should construct telephone systems in Kurgan and Orenburg areas.
Nikolay Yablonsky

Nedropolzovanie Are defined genpodrjadchiki development Bovanenkovsky mestorozhdenijageneralnymi contractors on realisation of the project of development Bovanenkovsky neftegazokondensatnogo deposits on peninsula Yamal 5 organisations are defined, the assistant to the general director of Open Company " has informed; Nadymgazprom “ (Vasily Suprun on project presentation in Salekhard owns the licence for deposit development). Among genpodrjadchikov he named the Moscow Open Societies “ Strojgazkonsalting “ Joint-stock company “ Gazprom - strojinzhiniring “ DOAO “ Spetsgazavtotrans “ and also joint-stock company “ mostostroj - 12 “ (New Urengoj) and Joint-Stock Company “ Trust “ίμΰλρςπξιγΰηδξαϋχΰ“ “ (Kirov). Mister Suprun has noticed that in November, 2007 is planned to finish work under the project, further it will be directed on the coordination and state examination.
“ Interfax - Ural Mountains “

the Declaration on intentions In Pyt - Jahe search for a platform under manufacture liquid azotav 2007 in Pyt - Jahe (HMAO) is planned factory building on manufacture of the liquid nitrogen necessary for increase of petroreturn on deposits. With such offer the director of the French company " has acted; Ayr Likid “ in Russia Claude Eller during February visit in HMAO. As have informed in city administration, Pyt - Jah has not been casually chosen by a place of erection of factory - here there passes the railway connecting district with other regions of Russia, and chinks nearby settle down. Besides, in Pyt - Jahe works for a long time already the French company “ SHljumberzhe “ applying technology with use of liquid nitrogen for increase of petroreturn of layers. Now the parties agree about the location of the future factory. The total amount of investments at the first stage of cooperation can reach $20 million
“ Uralinformbjuro “

Insurance the Autocitizen has led the Sverdlovsk companies to losses Half of insurance companies in Sverdlovsk area in the market of obligatory insurance of an autocivil liability (OSAGO) has passed a critical threshold on unprofitableness, the general director of central administrative board Rossgosstraha on area Vladimir Nechepa on a press - conferences in a press - the centre " has informed; - Ural Mountains “ in Ekaterinburg. “ from 20 companies which are leaders in this market in Sverdlovsk area, 9 - 10 companies have approached and have passed a critical threshold on unprofitableness on the autocitizen. Level of payments on the autocitizen following the results of last year on area has made 63, 1 % - figure big “ - he has told. Mister Nechepa considers that exits from a current situation for the insurance companies can be a little: to work in a minus or to transfer this business to other companies.
“ Interfax - Ural Mountains “

Arbitration practice the Airport “ Koltsovo “ will challenge in court instruction UFASArbitrazhnyj court of Sverdlovsk area on March, 22nd will consider Open Society claim “ Airport “Κξλόφξβξ“ “ to management of Federal antimonopoly service (UFAS) on Sverdlovsk area, it is told in the message placed on a site of court. As Tatyana Kolotova has informed head UFAS, the airport challenges the management instruction, concerning coordination slotov from joint-stock company “ the Ural airlines “ which has been given out in December, 2006 upon infringement by the airport of the law on a competition. Earlier it was informed that management FAS recognised the airport “ Koltsovo “ and Joint-Stock Company airline “ aviaprad “ broken the law “ About competition protection “ having proved a coordination of actions between the companies. With the complaint in UFAS the joint-stock company " has addressed; the Ural airlines “ considered that an air carrier try to eliminate from the market of transportations to Moscow in favour of the company “ aviaprad “. In particular, “ Koltsovo “ has not co-ordinated with “ the Ural airlines “ sloty - the time piece, in which airport authorises airline to take off on the specified Moscow flight. Following the results of legal investigation FAS has ordered to terminate the contract between “ Koltsovo “ and “ aviapradom “ on rent by airline 5 - go and 6 - go sectors of the airport and to restore flights to Moscow “ the Ural airlines “ on time of their departures which existed before infringement by the antimonopoly law companies. According to madam Kolotovoj, the airport has executed instruction UFAS, but, at the same time, has challenged it in court. She also has noticed that the instruction has been executed incorrectly - there were discrepancies in coordination terms slotov.
“ Interfax - Ural Mountains “

Fair elections Inhabitants of settlement the Rose have complained on podkupinitsiativnaja group of inhabitants of settlement the Rose of Korkinsky municipal area (the Chelyabinsk area) has made the statement for payoff of voters during elections of the head of settlement. The post card from 50 voters has been directed addressed to the governor of the Chelyabinsk area Peter Sumin, the chairman of regional Legislative Assembly and the head of Korkinsky area. As they say in the letter, in day of voting candidate Michael Andreevym had been organised universal payoff of voters “ by accustoming to drinking, intimidation and distribution of money at the rate from 10 to 50 roubles “. In particular “ the deceived and drunk people brought up by cars, in connection with strong intoxication. And that they have not forgotten a surname of the necessary candidate - to them wrote on hands “ Andreys “. Besides, according to authors of the letter, poselkovaja the election committee in reply to references of citizens stayed idle. The candidate - self-promoted worker Michael Andreev by results of elections has typed 1 thousand 22 voices (25 %), and its nearest opponent, United Russia party member Evgenie Valahov has typed 969 voices (23, 7 %). “ To us data on payoff not only Andreeva arrived, but also from other candidates “ - have told „“ in settlement electoral committee. Thus in electoral committee have noticed that employees of the commission checked the received information, but any fact of payoff of voters has not been found out.
Anna Motorin

Appointment In JANAO the new military man komissarv Salekhard on Wednesday has taken place representation of new military commissioner Jamalo - Vasily Chachkova`s Nenets autonomous region. As informs a press - service of the governor of district, “ the head of department of shots of Privolzhsko - the Ural military district Victor Melnikov has read the order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation from February, 22nd, 2007 about Vasily Chachkova`s appointment as military commissioner JANAO “. Earlier it held a post of the assistant voenkoma of autonomous region, is told in the message.
“ Interfax - Ural Mountains “

Investigation In Tyumen swindle on national proektahvchera on a press - conferences in Tyumen the chief of department of struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Tyumen region Vladimir Tcherepanov has declared that from the beginning of realisation of national projects “ Health “ “ Accessible habitation “ “ Formation “ there were already heads of the enterprises who swindle with budgetary funds. “ to national projects only year, but economic frauds here are estimated in millions “ - Vladimir Tcherepanov has declared. He has told that heads of the enterprises with whom the state allocates budgetary funds for development of national projects, by frauds with documents appropriate these means. So, for example, heads of the enterprises of agriculture overestimate volumes of made production in documents to receive more grants which are allocated for repayment of a part of expenses for cultivation and horned cattle realisation. Head UBEP also has informed that criminal case concerning a management of one of the Tyumen medical insurance companies which has appropriated 4, 5 million the roubles allocated for obligatory medical insurance recently has been got.
Igor Lesovsky