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Electronic industry

past Wednesday the American company Motorola has informed that its results for the first quarter 2007, most likely, will be below forecasts. According to the company statement in the first quarter of its sale will make about $9,2 - 9,3 mlrd, instead of $10,4 mlrd as it was predicted earlier. Motorola explains it change of the business - strategy: now for the company the profitability increase, instead of escalating of a market share is priority. Besides, in some large emerging markets, in particular in India and the African countries, Motorola has faced a strong competition to other manufacturers that was negatively reflected in its profit. Simultaneously with the announcement of decrease in predicted profit Motorola has informed on forthcoming resignation of financial director David Devonshira - since April, 1st it will be replaced by Thomas Meredit, the former financial director of company Dell. The market has reacted to revision of forecasts Motorola by decrease in quotations: on Wednesday its actions bargaining on NYSE, have fallen in price on 5,9 %.

the Internet
the Million address in a RuNet will appear by the autumn
Quantity of the registered domain names in the national domain. ru has reached 800 thousand as of March, 22nd - on it yesterday has informed the registrar of domains the Ragtime . As of the middle of December, 2006 in a zone. ru it has been registered 700 thousand domains. Following the results of 2006 the number of the registered domains has reached 716 thousand Under the forecast the Ragtime the million domain in a zone. ru it will be already registered in August - September, 2007.

media concerns will create competitor YouTube
Corporations News Corp. And NBC intend to create system of free placing and video downloading on the Internet, similar to site YouTube belonging to company Google, newspaper The Los Angeles Times yesterday has informed on it. According to newspaper sources, on a new site television shows and films, and also videoclips will be accessible. Thus developers of a site have entered into already agreements on placing of video data on the Internet with the main competitors Google the Internet - portal Yahoo, corporation Microsoft, media company Time Warner. It is expected that officially the project will be already announced today.

MP3 forces out disks
In the first quarter 2007 quantity of sold CDs with music in the USA will decrease on 20 % in comparison with the fourth quarter 2006, to 99 million copies - with such forecast analytical agency Nielsen SoundScan has acted yesterday. Thus the quantity sold through Internet MP3 - files for this period will grow on 20 % and will make 288 million According to the experts, users prefer to download not the whole albums, and separate tracks. thus, consumers obviously let know that how many the actor tried over the uniform concept of an album, they only will buy hits - makes comments on the forecast analyst Gartner Research Michael Makgvajr.