Rus News Journal


the Yesterday`s auctions in the Russian stock market of actions became the most active this week. Against a great demand from investors quotations on all spectrum of liquid papers grew. As a result RTS index has grown on 2,29 %, to 1889,62 points. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has added 2,07 %. The situation in stock market was stabilised, therefore growth of volumes of the auctions was designated. In sector of classical market FB of RTS turns of the day auctions have reached $70 million that almost twice exceeds an average turn from the beginning of week. According to investors, at the yesterday`s auctions foreign investors actively traded. again purchases of foreign investors practically in all sector of liquid papers " became visible; - the trader of the investment company " marks; FIM Sekjuritiz Ilya Matushkin.
Positive moods in the Russian share market have been provided by a positive external news background. Decision FRS on discount rate preservation at level of 5,25 % was accompanied by the statement of head of a regulator as which investors have considered as softer in comparison with sounded following the results of session FRS in the end of January. The formulation the size and terms of the further toughening of a policy will depend on the leaving economic data has been replaced with softer - the further monetary policy will depend on dynamics of the economic forecast . Words of head FRS of Ben Bernanki have specified not only that will not lift the rate in the near future, and, on the contrary, on its possible fall. this news more than is positive for developing countries, including Russia - the trader of Alpha bank Dmitry Sadovyj marks.

as a result of the yesterday`s auctions the most liquid actions of the Russian emitters have grown on 1 - 3 %. More poorly the market and oil sector actions " looked; Rosneft which quotations have lost in the price almost 1 %. According to experts, during the last days shares of company have grown more strongly, than all market and sector as a whole. From the beginning of last week of the action Rosneft have risen in price for 5 % while RTS index has added only 1,5 %. Besides, the negative influence on quotations, according to analysts, could render the message on leaving of the first vice-president and the vice-president of board of the company Nikolay Borisenko. In spite of the fact that from the practical point of view of a consequence of its leaving will be minimum - mister Borisenko played mainly observant role in an administrative team and supervised legal and administrative departments, - leaving of one of a top - managers always perceives the market negatively - the analyst of investment group " has noted; Aton artem Deaths.

outsiders of the yesterday`s auctions of a steel of the action of concern the Guelder-rose which quotations have lost almost 5 %. Investors have answered with active sales results for 2006 which the company has presented yesterday (see p. 18). According to analysts, results have appeared below expected. the results presented by the company, were much more low, than predicted the market - has noted an analyst of MDM - bank Elena Afonin. According to an analyst of investment company Brokerkreditservis Tatyanas Bobrovsky, the market has been surprised by results of the company.