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The helicopter has got lost in the Vuktylsky triangle

In Republic Komi yesterday aircraft and rescuers on snowmobiles tried to find helicopter Mi - 8 companies Gazpromavia gone on March, 21st. Onboard there were six persons.
on March, 21st Mi - 8 carried out flight from Ukhta to ecological control point in mountain district of Vuktylsky area (516 km severo - to the east of a city of Syktyvkar). At 15 o`clock helicopter crew, having landed a brigade of workers, has not contacted. Right after that as communication has stopped, the company Gazpromavia has independently begun helicopter searches. From Ukhta on a prospective route of the gone helicopter one more Mi - 8 State Unitary Enterprises " has taken off; Komiaviatrans . But searches have not given result.

yesterday in the morning to search for Mi - 8 three helicopters with doctors and rescuers have gone already, later planes An have joined them - 24 and An - 74.

In a press - service Gazpromavia Have informed that crewmen of the gone helicopter are pilots and flight mechanics of the first class, the commander of the aircraft has 11 thousand hours of flights, and the flight mechanic - 8,5 thousand And in management of Gosavianadzora have informed journalists that gone Mi - 8 before a departure was serviceable.

in a press - service of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Republic Komi have told that search groups have been directed on a helicopter route on snowmobiles and off-road cars. To two o`clock in the afternoon weather allowed rescuers to work free, but searches and have not brought results. the data that the helicopter has suffered accident, we at present have no, maybe, it has crash-landed. A zone of searches big enough - have explained in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

the search zone represents a triangle with the centre in point of ecological control of a gas pipeline, Mi - 8 whence has taken off. From this point also there was a search by helicopters in all directions. The search triangle has been there and then named by Vuktylsky.

Yesterday the strong snowfall by 15 o`clock has begun, and all air technics has been withdrawn. Zamrukovoditelja a press - services of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Komi Peter Lobanov has told: In ` Gazpromavia ` have already lost one helicopter and risk to lose the second, therefore searches are stopped. Who will send searchers to a snowfall, where visibility a zero?

all helicopters from area of search of gone Mi - 8 have returned in Vuktyl. Land rescuers have returned also. Operation will renew today. Rescuers hope that the people who were onboard the helicopter, are live, however that its crew has not contacted till now, and established in the car emergency majachok does not work, testifies to accident.

, ALEXEY - LAZAREV, Syktyvkar