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As the rating

the Technique of drawing up of an annual rating of the Russian tour operators till now published in the appendix " was made; - tourism seriously has not changed. Our problem on - former was to range the largest companies, having forced tour operators (the firms which are engaged in formation and sale of a tourist product - permits) among which till now there is no public company to publish financial indicators of work for the past year. We have suggested firms to fill questionnaires with questions on their gain for 2006, quantity of the tourists served by them for this period, and a number of additional questions. For increase of degree of reliability of the data received from interested persons to participate in a rating, we accepted only the questionnaires assured by the press and the signature of the head of travel agency or the chief accountant. Sale of one air ticket was equated to service of one tourist. Gain in roubles - the information in the Russian currency was given by the majority of the companies - was recalculated at a mid-annual course 27,135 rbl. for dollar.
innovations have concerned only samples of the companies. On the end of December, 2006 Rosturizm has given out 33,994 thousand licences. From them about 20 thousand tourist`s agency, other tourist`s camera. By an estimation Tourist`s info really working travel agencies - both operators, and agents - in Russia is an order of 7 thousand From them operators at whom the sales volume makes $1 million and more, approximately 800 - 1000 companies. It is even less than travel agencies (operators and agencies) with the branched out and numerous network of sales or having volumes of realisation above an average - more than $2 - 3 million Such companies nearby 300.

last year, preparing a rating, we have dispatched questionnaires to 600 tourist`s camera firms. This year it has been decided to be limited to poll of 453 companies with a presumable annual turnover more than $1 million The decision to reduce sample experts Tourist`s info motivated with that turns of a considerable part interrogated by us last year operators are insignificant. Besides, a number of firms to which we dispatched questionnaires, ignored last two years our inquiries. In Moscow for participation in a rating tour operators which are actively advertised in a professional and mass press were selected. Also existing ratings of tourist`s camera firms were used. For regional sample of 89 regions of Russia it has been selected such 20 where works 50 and more travel agencies. In each of them following the results of poll of local tourist`s administration and heads of travel agencies leaders of the market to whom we and have dispatched questionnaires came to light.

as a result of questioning completely filled and certified questionnaires have sent 63 companies - on 10 less, than last year. It is more than half of these firms took part in ratings and last years. On the basis of the filled questionnaires three tables have been made. In the first, the basic, tour operators rejtingovalis depending on gain volume in 2006. To the second has got 20 companies which are in the lead by quantity of sold air tickets, we requested this information in the questionnaire an individual question. At last, in the third tour operators ranzhirovany at average cost of the order - gain parities to total number of the served tourists.