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Russia Partners it was enclosed in a database

As it became known, the fund of direct investments Russia Partners II has concluded the bargain about acquisition to 50 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company Group of companies Stack specialising on granting of an alternative platform for storage of the information of the client. By data, the transaction total sum has made $10 million Analytics find this market very perspective and consider that rates of its growth will make 20 - 30 % a year.
the fund of direct investments Russia Partners II has informed yesterday on acquisition of an essential share of group of companies Stack. The Sum of transaction and the size of the got package vice-president Russia Partners II Evgenie Gorkov has refused to name, however has noticed that the package enough big, but in the further its share will change . Under the information, within 2007 Russia Partners II plans to invest in the company several tranches of an order of $10 million, having received as a result a share in 50 %.

the Fund of direct investment Russia Partners II is created in 2004 by the American investment company Siguler Guff and Company for investments into the companies of Russia and the CIS countries. Creditors of fund are the European bank of reconstruction and developments ($50 million), investment agency of the government of USA OPIC ($140 million) and entering into structure of the World bank the International financial corporation IFC ($10 million). Russia Partners II is the assignee of fund Russia Partners working in the CIS since 1994.

Joint-Stock Company Group of companies Stack it is formed in 1991. A principal view of activity of group is granting of services date - the centres. The group of companies includes Open Companies Has flown down a Telecom and the Technology Stack (develops the software for clients). The company gain for first two quarters 2006 has made a $1 million order, EBITDA for 2006 - 25 %.

Group of companies Stack owns unique in Russia a network date - the centres (the premise equipped with the necessary equipment in which information systems of clients are stored), two of which settle down in Moscow, and one - in Puschin situated near Moscow. means with which we managed to involve from sale of a part of the company, will go on expansion existing and development of new platforms, - general director Stack Sergey Lysakov tells. - Further we plan to construct date - the centre in Ural Mountains and to enter the market of Ukraine and Kazakhstan .

the Most widespread services, given date - the centres, is a virtual hosting - support of the server of the company on distance, rent and server placing (dedicated server, server colocation). By different estimations, growth of the hosting market makes an order 20 - 30 % a year, thus that the capacity of this market now - about $50 million a year, is considered by operating director Value Tech Advisers Sergey Karpov. however this market only starts to arise in Russia, and owing to the objective reasons of significant successful realisations of similar projects yet was not. From - for it the companies give on a hosting only a part of the databases, ` looking narrowly ` at quality of used systems - mister Karpov believes.

experts notice that the increased activity tax and law enforcement bodies can become additional stimulus to growth of popularity of services of remote data storage in Russia. If the company has problems with law enforcement bodies, theoretically the company can conceal a finding of reserve base in date - the centre while to provide safety of the data on the resources which are in the company, it is impossible - the vice-president " considers; Korbiny a Telecom Dmitry Malov.