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Attacking the Spanish football club Deportivo (La - Korunja) Sebastjan Taborda is suspected of beating of journalist Armando Palejro. The correspondent of the local sports newspaper asserts that on Wednesday on base Deportivo Taborda after training has approached to it and has knocked him on the head, and also rassek to it a lip. he has told that is going to kill me and my colleagues - mister Palejro who after incident has addressed in police has declared. In turn, the Uruguayan football player denies that has struck the reporter. I am not capable of such acts, - Sebastjan Taborda on air of radio Cadena SER has told. Is there was simply verbal skirmish. Then I have seized it by a jacket and have pushed. More was nothing. I did not beat him. But anyway I make to it the apologies .
In Deportivo Yet have not solved, whether to apply disciplinary actions to the forward who has moved in La - Korunju from Uruguay in August, 2005. this serious business, and we will understand - has declared a press - the attache Deportivo Raphael Karpecho.

In Athenes unknown persons have set fire to club
In Athenes have set fire bottles with an incendiary mix to office of club of fans of a capital soccer team a Panatinaikos . Nobody has suffered, as the office was empty at this time. As the police has informed, about ten persons have approached on motorcycles on club in capital area Holargos and have set fire to the building ground floor. The fire was threw on five motor vehicles parked nearby. Firemen managed to extinguish fire, however it was not possible to arrest hooligans.