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For the first time in Russia, in Krasnoyarsk, in Palace of sports of a name of Ivan Yarygin specially restored to this case yesterday were started by four-day tournament for a World Cup on free and female struggle. Representatives of eleven countries participate in competitions. Commands volnikov from Russia, the USA, Iran, Georgia and Uzbekistan will play a prize fund in $100 thousand, and women from Russian national teams, Japan, China, Canada, Germany and Belarus - for the first time in history carrying out of cup competitions - $50 thousand
We together with the president who has arrived to Krasnoyarsk of the International federation of wrestling (FILA) consider possibility to conclude with FILA the contract which would provide carrying out of similar competitions in a following Olympic cycle exclusively in Russia, - the chief executive of Federation of wrestling of Russia (FSBR) George Bruces has told in interview. - these command competitions ` a wall on a wall ` unusually entertainment. And the most important thing, they keep within a context of preparation for the Olympic Games in Beijing. The matter is that Krasnoyarsk is considered as the basis for all three bortsovskih teams of Russia as is in one time zone with Beijing and has environmental conditions similar to it. Here there are also well-known technicians equipped by last word bortsovskaja Dmitry Mindiashvili`s school, and it means that at the future Olympians will be strong sparring - partners .

the women broken into two subgroups left the First on carpets. Russian national team acted in a subgroup together with national teams of China to which has lost 3:4, and the USA against which has won 4:3 and left in the following circle of competitions.

Russian national team structure

Men . Dzhamal Otarsultanov (to 55 kg), Mavlet Batirov (60 kg), Shamil Batirov, Zaur Bataev (both is 66 kg), Denis Tsargush, Sergey Vitkovsky (both is 74 kg), George Ketoev (to 84 kg), Hadzhimurad Gatsalov (to 96 kg), Alexey Shemarov, Bahtijar Ahmeds (to 120 kg).

Women . Larissa Oorzhak, Marina Shishkin (both is 48 kg), Alain Adashinsky, Zamira Rakhmanov (both is 51 kg), Natalia Karamchakova (to 55 kg), Larissa Kanaeva, Maria Smoljakova (both is 59 kg), Alena Kartashova, Anna Polovneva (both is 63 kg), Anna Shamova, Julia Bortnovsky (to 67 kg), Gjuzel Manjurova, Darya Nazarov (both is 72 kg).