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HeadHunter will earn on   the Nizhniy Novgorod Internet

the Moscow company HeadHunter has bought at   the Nizhniy Novgorod Open Company « Personnel decisions » rekrutingovyj a resource job - info. ru. Experts estimate the transaction in   the sum of an order of $100   thousand and   ascertain that if HeadHunter will bring in   the region own client base of employers, it will increase turns of the Nizhniy Novgorod market the Internet - rekrutmenta in   times. Company HeadHunter has got the unique player on   the Nizhniy Novgorod market the Internet - rekrutmenta   and #151; a resource job - info. ru. As the director on   has explained; to development HeadHunter Arcady Sandler, HeadHunter for the first time has made the decision about   an exit on   regional the market on   to base of already existing company, engaged the Internet - rekrutmentom, to   this time in   regions representations worked only. Participants of the market have estimated the transaction in   $100   thousand
  HeadHunter works on   the market the Internet - rekrutmenta with   2000   year. The basic line of activity is granting HR - to managers and   rekruteram through the Internet of tools for search of the personnel and   the help to competitors in   job search. Clients HeadHunter are an order 30   thousand companies, on   a site it is at a time presented more than 700   thousand resume and   55   thousand vacancies. The quantity of visitings makes 40   thousand hosts in   day. A company turn in   2006   to year has made almost $6   million   Job - info. ru worked on   the Nizhniy Novgorod market with   June 2003   year. Owners of a site was Open Company « Personnel decisions » belonging Joint-Stock Company « Corporation Bi   Es ». Clients are 3,5   thousand companies, a database includes more than 27   thousand resume and   1,9   thousand vacancies. Daily attendance of a site made more than 2   thousand persons in   days. Financial indicators not   are disclosed. As has explained the director on   to marketing and   pr   HeadHunter Olga Brukovsky, employment of key positions on   the Nizhniy Novgorod market the Internet - rekrutmenta is entered in   the general program of regional expansion of the company. « in   region fast rates business develops, representations large international and   work; the Russian companies, and,   as consequence, a considerable quantity of new workplaces is constantly created. It does Nizhni Novgorod especially attractive to company HeadHunter »   and #151; she marks.
experts estimate annual volume of the Nizhniy Novgorod market of recruiting in   $2,3 - 2,5   million, the market the Internet - rekrutmenta   and #151; in   $100 - 150   thousand On   to words of the chairman of board of directors financially - industrial corporation « Solo » Andrey Moiseenko, in   a case if HeadHunter will fill up resources job - info. ru own client base of employers, it will increase turns of the local market the Internet - rekrutmenta in   times. « the basic active of any company, engaged the Internet - rekrutmentom,   and #151; base of clients - employers who have contractual relations with   the company on   to user`s system of service. The quantity of clients thus is in   direct dependence from   attendance of a resource »   and #151; Mister Moiseenko explains. « Active positions HeadHunter on   the Nizhniy Novgorod market will mean its development in   whole »   and #151; the director of Association of advisers on   agrees; to selection of the personnel Valery Oskin.
Estimating prospects of the transaction for both parties, the chief executive rekrutingovoj companies Solo - XP Dmitry Kalmanovich has noticed that the Nizhniy Novgorod company will receive the Moscow investor that « prestigiously, reliably and,   probably, it is perspective with   the financial point of view ». With   the party HeadHunter, on   to opinion of mister Kalmanovicha, receives stably working and   already untwisted regional active,   is saves on   advancement in   region. The director of the Center of research and   the analysis of investment projects in   to sphere of high technologies IK   « finam » Elina Karaeva assumes that the Moscow company can start to develop on   to a basis job - info. ru large rekrutingovyj a portal of the all-Russian scale. « however, it is more probable that HeadHunter aspires to localise the business, having strengthened positions at work with   the Nizhniy Novgorod employers »   and #151; the expert marks. On   to Andrey Moiseenko`s opinion, investment HeadHunter will pay off in   a current of three years.