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Zhelezorudnyj export

As it became known , the company Arikom entering into holding Peter Hambro Mining, plans to invest $1 mlrd in building GOKa on belonging to it Kimkansky and Sutarsky zhelezorudnyh deposits in the Jewish autonomous region (EAO), and also in bridge building through the Cupid, on which Arikom intend to export to China about 90 % of production GOKa. Meanwhile government EAO has included both these of object in the complex investment project, having attached to them reconstruction of a branch line Birobidzhan-Lenin. However Arikom yet does not plan to invest in this object, counting that other companies and the state will take part in its financing. As has informed yesterday vitse - governor EAO Valery Gurevich, building GOKa for Kimkansky and Sutarsky zhelezorudnyh deposits, and also bridge building through the Cupid, on which Arikom Intend to export iron ore to China, are included by the area government in the complex investment project together with reconstruction of a branch line Birobidzhan-Lenin. A total cost of the project of power EAO have estimated in $1 mlrd: on $400 million on building of first stage GOKa and on reconstruction of a branch line and $220 - on bridge building through the Cupid. Thus government EAO counts that commissioning of these four objects will allow to receive annually 4 mlrd rbl. of tax revenues and to become self-sufficient region. Mister Gurevich has specified that some days ago the autonomy government has concluded the cooperation agreement with the company Arikom providing realisation of this complex project.
Open Company Arikom - holding Peter Hambro Mining management company on extraction and manufacture zhelezorudnogo and titanic raw materials. The basic shareholders of the company are Peter Hambro and Pavel Maslovsky. Among other shareholders of the company Arikom the investment companies: Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, Capital Group, Lansdowne Partners, Morstan Nominees Limited (enters in Morgan Stanley Group), Lehman Brothers Intenational (Europe). In the Far East the company owns four actives: deposits of complex ores of Kuranah and Big Sejim in the north of the Amur region, Kimkansky and Sutarsky zhelezorudnoe deposits in the Jewish autonomous region with industrial stocks of 558 million t. In EAO Arikom it is presented by two enterprises - Rubicon and the company Kimkano - Sutarsky GOK . In 2005 total profit of Open Company Arikom has made $196 thousand
Licenses for development Kimkansky and Sutarsky zhelezorudnyh Open Company deposits Rubicon has received in October, 2005. After Open Company Arikom Has declared acquisition 50 - a percentage option for participation in working out of these deposits. As the co-owner of the company Pavel Maslovsky earlier declared, building GOKa will be begun in 2008, and directly extraction of iron ore and concentrate manufacture - - in 2009. It is supposed that capacity of the first stage of building GOKa will make 5 million t ores, and its maximum processing capacity will make 15 million t ores in a year (on an exit about 7,5 million t the enriched concentrate).
As the general director of Open Company " has informed yesterday ; Arikom Yury Makarov, for export to the Peoples Republic of China will go about 90 % of production, and only 10 % zhelezorudnogo a concentrate will be mastered in home market as while it is most claimed only Komsomol - on - the Cupid by metallurgical industrial complex.
meanwhile export zhelezorudnogo raw materials to China is impossible without the decision of a question on optimisation of the scheme of its transportation. Let`s remind that the idea of building of the bridge through the Cupid around village Nizhneleninsky (EAO) and the cities of Tuntszjan (Peoples Republic of China) was discussed in September of last year at negotiations Russian - the Chinese group on a railway transportation. At the moment, according to Valery Gurevich, in Ministry of Transport and MERTe parametres of the intergovernmental agreement on bridge building are co-ordinated. As local analysts consider, production GOKa will load road on 70-80 %, the remained share of a turnover of goods can to lift regional carriers.
financing of building of the bridge will be incurred in half by the Russian and Chinese parties - Sergey Lavrikov, the general director of Open Company " has informed yesterday ; Rubicon which will represent itself as the official customer of the project. Mister Lavrikov has informed yesterday that all Arikom Plans to invest in actives in EAO $1 mlrd, from which $800 million will be directed on building of both turns GOKa. And here financially to participate in reconstruction of a branch line bringing to the bridge Birobidzhan-Lenin Arikom does not plan.
Victoria Ligaj