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IAEA will protect the Angarsk uranium centre

Yesterday in Angarsk the assistant to the head of Rosatom Nikolay Spassky has declared that the international centre on uranium enrichment (MTSOU) on the basis of Angarsk elektrolizno - chemical industrial complex (AEHK) will begin work till the end of this year. Now, according to the official, one participant MTSOU - Kazakhstan with which Rosatom prepares the corresponding agreement on centre creation is defined. Meanwhile ecologists consider that in idea of creation MTSOU while there are more than questions, than answers: there is no its project, volumes of output of the centre and environmental contamination degree are unknown. Experts of the International agency on nuclear energy (IAEA) have finished yesterday the work on Angarsk elektrolizno - chemical industrial complex. By words zamgendirektora Yury Sokolova`s agencies, they came on the enterprise for Rosatom invitation, to estimate readiness of industrial complex for creation MTSOU . To tell about results of work the mister Sokolov did not become, having limited to the statement that the agency will continue with Rosatom negotiations about centre creation.
we will remind, the arrangement on creation of a network of the international centres on uranium enrichment has been reached in the course of negotiations between presidents of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin and George Bush at last year`s summit G8. To reduce to a minimum probability of that nuclear technologies and materials double appointment will get to aggressive modes, it has been decided to create the international system of the centres on uranium enrichment. In the end of the last year the government of the Russian Federation has made the decision on conclusion AEHK from the list of the closed enterprises for creation on one of its platforms of the international centre on uranium enrichment. The most part of capacities AEHK will not be involved in the international project. We will notice what be engaged in uranium enrichment in MTSOU nuclear powers can only: Russia, the USA, France, Great Britain. The states interested in development of atomic engineering, on a level with nuclear powers can enter into number of founders of such centres and subsequently receive dividends from their activity. Thus the third countries will get access only to service of enrichment of uranium, instead of its technology.
yesterday following the results of IAEA work on AEHK the approximate scheme on which it will be created MTSOU in Angarsk was found out. It is supposed that it will be two-level: top level are intergovernmental agreements of the countries - participants of the centre, at the bottom level it is supposed to create joint venture (joint venture) in the form of joint-stock company which on the Russian technology will make the enriched uranium. According to representatives of Rosatom, such joint venture - Joint-Stock Company the Center on uranium enrichment - it is already created together with Kazakhstan. As Nikolay Spassky has noted, now the governments of Russia and Kazakhstan verify the text of the intergovernmental agreement for MTSOU which, predictably, will be signed till the end of this year.
as potential participants MTSOU yesterday Iran and India also have been named. As Yury Sokolov, " has explained; all interested persons can get the guaranteed access to centre services : the Question of loading of the centre will dare the market . Extramarket mechanisms of loading of capacities MTSOU are provided also: according to the representative of IAEA, the agency will guarantee granting of services to the state MTSOU, to which on political grounds it is refused delivery of uranium raw materials. Meanwhile in Rosatom yesterday have specified: consultations about the form of participation of IAEA in MTSOU are now carried out. It is supposed that the agency will work in it as the observer.
On a question that will bring creation MTSOU to Angarsk industrial complex, representatives of Rosatom have answered that the enterprise first of all will have an opportunity to adapt to new market conditions in connection with branch re-structuring (on the basis of extracting and processing actives the government intends to create in Russia the uniform company Atomprom . - ). However, Nikolay Spassky has noticed that after creation MTSOU capacity AEHK and processing volumes geksoftorida uranium remain at former level, that is the industrial complex will make, as before, about 500 thousand t the enriched uranium in a year.
the representative the Baikal ecological wave Marina Rihvanova has declared yesterday that while in creation MTSOU there are more than questions, than answers: Is not present its project, volumes of processing of uranium in the centre do not reveal. It is obvious that they will create the legal person and will carry in region raw materials for the enrichment which waste will remain in the Irkutsk region . According to the ecologist, it is possible to consider participation of IAEA in centre work nominal: Agency it is necessary to give only MTSOU the status of the international centre. Will actually supervise its activity Rosatom, instead of IAEA. As to ecological safety us have assured that at centre creation all available experience, including Chernobyl will be made use. Doubtful argument .
Alexey Kopylov,