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SKA - the Oil industry worker has stopped champions

Yesterday Khabarovsk SKA - the Oil industry worker taking a place in the bottom part of standings of the championship of Russia, has sensationally drawn 6:6 with the repeated champion Moscow the Dynamo . Owners have managed to rescue game, conceding in three balls. Before Muscovites lost points only in one match of the championship with krasnogorskim Sharp-sighted at a preliminary stage. However, a drawn game in Khabarovsk the Dynamo has sufficed for a gain of one more complete set of gold medals. Yesterday in the morning in Khabarovsk there has passed game of a final stage of the championship of the higher league, in which local SKA - the Oil industry worker accepted the last year`s champion - Moscow the Dynamo . Muscovites have brought almost optimum structure into which repeated champions of the country from Arkhangelsk, and also the strongest hockey players got in other provincial clubs, including recent Khabarovsk citizens Dmitry Starikov and Vasily Granovsky enter. Last two years dinamovtsy are the strongest club of a planet that have confirmed in draws of a club World Cup. In the present championship Muscovites have won all matches, except one - at a preliminary stage on January, 12th they have conceded in a Krasnogorsk Sharp-sighted (1:4). For a gain of the next champion rank dinamovtsam in Khabarovsk was not to lose enough. The Far East command has begun a final stage on the fifth position, but after a series of defeats finishes already on the tenth.
under the concluded arrangement game has begun in 10 mornings local time. Dinamovtsy have agreed to play three nights across Moscow to lead a match on normal ice, instead of in pools. Mister Janko has noticed that it was not possible to its command " yet; to play at night .
to Look at game has gathered more than three thousand spectators. It has begun attacks of owners, already on 6 - j to minute after giving angular the defender - bombardir Khabarovsk citizens has opened the account (1:0). On 13 - j Sergey Obuhov has won back this goal after effective solo break (1:1) is was it 82 - j well-aimed blow that became a new sniper record of national championships. On 19 - j to minute other eminent master of Muscovites of Rinat Shamsutov after Michael Sveshnikov`s break has appeared in time on dobivanii metres in ten from gate and has powerfully driven in them the second ball (1:2). Has not passed also five minutes as bombardir visitors Sergey Lomanov - younger has successfully finished a multirunning combination (1:3). On 31 - j to minute after ball loss by the Swedish legionary oil industry workers Joranom Rozendalem Sveshnikov (1:4) has caused a stir dinamovsky dribler. It seemed that defeat of owners is inevitable - in this season Muscovites seldom hammer less than dozen balls for game. However, an unexpected error oborontsev the Dynamo on 34 - j to minute has led to counterattack in which Stanislav Ismagilov used an excellent pass of dispatcher Alexey Gladyshev (2:4). But it is literally at once Muscovites rupture have restored - one more goal Sergey Obuhov (2:5) has hammered, in finished jumped aside ball after goalkeeper Andrjushchenko has struck aside Ivan Maksimova`s distant blow. In the end of a time Khabarovsk citizens have surprised visitors and the spectators with a mighty and productive impact. At first solo pass of the captain of owners of Anatoly Suzdaleva has come to the end with a goal, and before a whistle on a break Evgenie Mavrin has received hinged transfer of Popova, has escaped from protection and has reduced rupture to minimum (4:5).
In the second time an exit on 65 - j to minute of the forward the Dynamo Evgenie Ivanushkina has ended with a goal (4:6). Confusion already believed in the Oil industry worker Fans lasted no more than minute - distant blow of Shvetsova (5:6) has presented again it hope of game rescue. It has come true in the middle of a time, when in turmoil at gate the Dynamo Evgenie Korev has reached a ball (74 - I minute, 6:6).
After game the instructor dinamovtsev Vladimir Janko on a press - conferences has apologised that its command mostly forced down rate of game: it was physiologically very heavy. An organism you will not deceive. Nevertheless game was pleasant to me, and for me it is simply surprising, as the Khabarovsk command can take such low place. This place is obvious not for you . The Head coach SKA - the Oil industry worker Yury Tishin recognised that if in Moscow now there was not late night, dinamovtsy would look absolutely on - to another . He has considered neutral result not less important, than a victory.
on March, 25th Khabarovsk citizens will finish a season a basic match with Ulyanovsk Volga - The unique opponent, which oil industry workers can bypass in standings. In case of a victory dalnevostochniki finish the ninth.
Ernest Filippovsky