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Wood terminals have died

Yesterday the interdepartmental commission (MVK) on interaction in questions of suppression of illegal preparation and a wood turn in the Irkutsk region has made decision to liquidate wood terminals, having retrained them in exchange warehouses. Till April, 1st all enterprises included in the register of wood terminals, should make an application on accreditation at the Baikal wood commodity exchange (BLTB) and pay an admission fee at a rate of 500 thousand rbl. Thus, work of administration of Angarski Krai on streamlining of a turn of wood will pass to the following stage - exchange which prospects, however, while are foggy. the epoch of wood terminals has ended - the assistant to the head of administration of the Irkutsk region on a forestry Victor Dolgov has proclaimed yesterday, summing up work of terminals at the next session MVK. In the fourth quarter 2006 when in the Irkutsk region the terminal network has started to work, export of round wood was reduced to 1,6 million in cubic m - in the fourth quarter 2005 volume of the taken out wood mister Dolgov has made 1,8 million in cubic m. Besides, has noted the increase which has begun in the fourth quarter 2006 of export of saw-timbers: 901 thousand in cubic m in comparison with 450 thousand in cubic m in 2005. Thus, the problem - to diversify forest products shipped for export - wood terminals have executed. Now they needed to be prepared for liquidation only: till April, 1st it is recommended to them to submit demands for accreditation as warehouses BLTB then the register of terminals will be closed, and the term will disappear from use.
the wood terminal - a place of unloading, acceptance, processing, customs inspection and shipment of round forest products. On a plan of founders, an overall objective of work of wood terminals is Streamlining of preparation, transportation, processing and shipment round wood, including exported, its account and the organisation of control over an origin . The basic condition of assignment of the status of the wood terminal is presence at the enterprise - the applicant own lesosyrevoj base and processing capacities. In wood export to region are engaged about 1,5 thousand enterprises, at 186 of them, according to administration of the Irkutsk region, is not present own lesosyrevoj base and capacities on wood processing. Now in region 80 places of shipment of wood operate.
Yesterday Victor Dolgov declared that after closing of wood terminals the administration of the region will pass on baton (on streamlining of export of wood. - ) BLTB . It is supposed that wood terminals become exchange warehouses on which base the network of broker offices will be created. For reception of the status of an exchange warehouse or to any another lesopromyshlenniku it is necessary for wood terminal to prove that it has own lesozagotovitelnaja a base, to establish system of the electronic account of wood and in the remote prospect to certificate arriving wood. Besides, it is necessary to pay an admission fee at a rate of 500 thousand rbl. which, under the preliminary information, will go on arrangement of terminals and places of shipment for work in exchange system. The auctions on BLTB will pass once in two weeks. This year at a stock exchange the auctions passed while three times: the volume of traded wood has increased from 18 thousand in cubic m to 60 thousand in cubic m. According to chairman of the board BLTB Vyacheslav Samsonov, to buy raw materials at a stock exchange already gather about 10 large companies of Japan and the Peoples Republic of China. The chairman of the Union lesopromyshlennikov areas, member MVK Yury Logachyov has assured participants of session that the union supports the direction chosen quite right and helps the commission to realise it.
however, not all participants of session have estimated merits of a terminal network in business of streamlining of a turn of wood in the Irkutsk region and with optimism have looked at its future in structure BLTB. In particular, the chief of department under the prevention and revealing of offences in wood branch of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area Vladimir Zhuravlyov has declared that, despite all shown MVK to requirement terminals under the memory account to understand an origin of shipped wood it is impossible. Now about 4 million in cubic m of exported wood has an illegal origin. they (terminals. - ) buy up illegal wood and it will buy up - mister Zhuravlyov is assured. The senior assistant to the prosecutor of the region Peter Partsej has in turn declared that No stock exchange will ask a wood origin never . Mister Partsej has underlined that control over preparation and a wood turn is a competence of wood militia, and it needs to be supported. this wood militia last year for illegal fellings has raised 990 affairs and has collected 30 million rbl. - the assistant to the public prosecutor has noticed. Besides, mister Partsej has warned MVK against attempts to force lesopromyshlennikov to trade in wood at a stock exchange. if on - former there will be an economic compulsion, disputes (in courts and management FAS. - ) will proceed - Peter Partsej has underlined.
we Will remind, after the beginning of work of wood terminals on November, 1st, 2006 VSZHD has directed lesoeksporteram the telegramme in which has informed that cars for sending of round wood for export, according to decision MVK, will move only to the enterprises having the status of terminals. This decision has struck first of all on those enterprises who has not received the status and has not refused to ship wood from terminals. Since then small lesoeksportery have won in UFAS some affairs about a recognition of actions VSZHD breaking the antimonopoly law: railwaymen had no right to limit giving of cars on the deadlocks which are not wood terminals. Now VSZHD tries to challenge one of such decisions UFAS in arbitration court.
however while not clearly, whether these lawsuits after introduction of system of exchange warehouses will stop. As a matter of fact, a training for a new profession of wood terminals in exchange warehouses - attempt legitimirovat regional administration work on streamlining of a turn of wood as stock exchange work, unlike wood terminals which were experiment of the authorities of Angarski Krai, has necessary legal base. Yesterday, answering a question that will give to terminals the status of an exchange warehouse, Vyacheslav Samsonov has reminded of the governmental order of 1993 which provides primary giving of cars for those consignors who carry out exchange contracts. However, mister Samsonov could not explain, how VSZHD will carry out simultaneously this decision and to observe antimonopoly law requirements. Also he has not answered and a question, for what in that case to the enterprises to pay in 500 thousand rbl., having noticed only that BLTB it is necessary for $3 million for inclusion in the Russian system of accreditation of banks and stock exchanges. Yesterday lesoeksportery with which it was possible to communicate, have refused to speak about prospects of exchange trade, having explained that it is still necessary to weigh .
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk