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Vladimir Ryzhkova`s political career

In December, 1993 Vladimir Ryzhkov is selected by the deputy of the State Duma from party the Choice of Russia in December, 1995 - from movements Our house - Russia . Since September, 1997 - the first vice-president of the State Duma, since 1999 headed fraction Our house - Russia .
In December, 1999 (Altay territory) is selected in the State Duma on the Barnaul one-mandatory district. In January, 2000 has entered fraction Unity having explained it is closeness of views of two parties, including in a question of support of Vladimir Putin on presidential election. On July, 4th, 2000 it is excluded from fraction after a number of public statements against presidential bills. Till now we tolerantly concerned a position of our colleague, however during discussion of presidential bills on strengthening of a vertical of power Ryzhkov has broken the borders of parliamentary democracy accepted all over the world - the leader of fraction Boris Gryzlov has explained.

on December, 7th, 2003 it is re-elected in the State Duma on the Barnaul district. In January, 2004 has entered into number souchreditelej public committee 2008: the Free choice . In April, 2005 has entered Republican Party, in June, 2005 it is selected by its co-chairman. In July, 2006 was a part of a movement management Other Russia .