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Golden a Telecom has risen in price on a private sector

Holding Golden a Telecom (GT) has brought yesterday financial results of 2006. As the main thing from them in the company consider growth of market capitalisation GT which practically did not grow in 2004 - 2005, and in 2006 - m has increased by 77 % - to $1,7 billion Experts of the market have connected given result with positive changes in strategy GT - last year the company has found ways of an exit to sector of private users.
for 2006 participants of the market have considered financial results GT satisfactory. The company gain for a year has increased by 28 %, to $854,6 million, EBITDA (profit to the taxation and amortisation) - on 14 %, to $227,4 million EBITDA margin (relation EBITDA to a gain) thus has slightly decreased - from 30 % in 2005 to 27 %. Decrease speaks carrying out of the program of awarding a top - managers in the fourth quarter 2006 to which 0,9 % - about $16 million " have been given out approximately; The bonus relied it provided that by the end to year the price of shares of company will reach $50, - has told informed on details of the bonus program a source. - in the fourth quarter this boundary has been reached .

Golden a Telecom - the largest Russian operator business - communications. The holding enterprises operate in Russia, in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 40 % of actions GT bargain at the American stock exchange NASDAQ, 20 % of actions belong to the Norwegian operator Telenor, 29 % - to holding Altimo, 11 % - Open Society Rostelecom . As of yesterday company capitalisation made $1,8 billion

Branch experts consider that heads GT a bonus have deserved. Appreciable growth of capitalisation GT became an obvious result of their activity last year. If in 2004 - 2005 of fluctuation of stock quotes of the operator were measured by several percent, in second half of 2006 of the action Golden a Telecom Have risen in price at once for 77 %, on New Year`s Eve capitalisation of the alternative operator has made $1,7 billion Growth has proceeded and this year - from the beginning of the auctions after New year on the end of February company capitalisation has increased by 26 %.

Fast growth of capitalisation GT of analytics connect with last year`s changes in business - company strategy, including with its exit on the market of services for private users. - Fi and company purchase ` Korbina the Telecom ` GT has entered the market of services with expansion of wireless network Wi for individual clients, - the chief of analytical department of investment bank UBS Vladimir Postolovsky speaks. - Potential of growth of this sector above, than at corporate sector. Besides, the favorable impression on investors makes also exit GT on the long-distance communication market. In a corporate segment business GT also quickly develops .

According to an analyst of MDM - Elena Bazhenovoj`s bank, this year service of private users will bring GT 7 - 8 % of additional incomes, and by the end of decade will already bring about 20 %. Thus ` room ` subscribers in long-term prospect will lift profitability of business GT, - Bazhenov`s madam marks. - profitability of broadband access, Wi - Fi is very high - about 50 %. For comparison: now profitability of services which GT renders to corporate clients, 15 - 40 % .

the market has reacted To the yesterday`s announcement of results GT insignificant decrease in quotations. To 18. 30 Moscow time shares of company on NASDAQ have fallen in price on 0,5 %. Investors are afraid to overestimate prospects ` Golden a Telecom `, - the chief of analytical department Dresdner Kleinwart July Matevosov considers. - GT plans become one of leading players in the Moscow market of broadband access. However the competition on it, first of all from structures AFK ` System `, ` Nafta - Moscow `, ` Renova - media `, is very great. Will win an essential share of this market GT extremely uneasy .