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Kamchatka will pass under an off-line control

the Plenipotentiary of the president in Far East federal district Kamil Ishakov has directed to the president the list of nominees on a post of the governor of the Kamchatka edge. The basic applicants for this post name the operating head of Koryak autonomous region Oleg Kozhemjako and zampolpreda the president in Oleg Budargina`s Siberian federal district. Till the end of May Vladimir Putin should submit for consideration deputies of a legislature of Kamchatka and Korjakii a nominee of the head of new region, and the governor will start the duties on July, 1st, 2007 when it will be declared creation of the Kamchatka edge. According to the federal law About formation as a part of the Russian Federation the new subject by merge of the Kamchatka area and Koryak autonomous region 35 days prior to day of formation of the Kamchatka edge (that is till July, 1st, 2007) Vladimir Putin should submit for consideration parliaments Korjakii and Kamchatka a nominee on a region post of the head. And 90 days prior to this term the plenipotentiary of the president in Far East federal district is obliged to present to the president the list of candidates on this post.
In the device of Far East plenipotentiary representation have refused to name surname of people which were included into the list directed to presidential administration by the plenipotentiary of president Kamilem Iskhakov. However under data , the main applicants for this post are head Korjakii and zampolpreda in the Siberian federal district Oleg Budargin.
As the deputy of parliament Korjakii, a member of local branch " has informed ; an United Russia Alexander Deniss, on the eve of giving by plenipotentiary Iskhakov of the list of candidates koryak deputies have accepted the reference in which have expressed in support of the operating head of an autonomy. I do not know, this reference will be how much effective, but we have decided to offer Oleg Nikolaevicha`s nominee on a post of the governor of the Kamchatka edge - mister Deniss has declared.
the information that the former governor of Tajmyrsky autonomous region Oleg Budargin can head incorporated Kamchatka edge, was published for the first time by the present head of Kamchatka Michael Mashkovtsev who has already accepted Vladimir Putin`s offer to be a part of the advisory commission at the State Council of the Russian Federation. In March the information that this nominee is considered in the Kremlin, was confirmed with the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Anatoly Kvashnin who has named Oleg Budargina one of highly professional heads of Russia . We will remind, mister Budargin headed Tajmyr till January, 1st, 2007 when has begun the existence incorporated Krasnoyarsk region, and after resignation to it have found a time place of the assistant to plenipotentiary Kvashnin.
Thus in Korjakii do not exclude that for the Kamchatka deputies the nominee eks - heads Tajmyra will appear more preferably. head Korjakii was engaged earlier in fish business and consequently always was considered as the competitor of the Kamchatka area, where rybodobycha - an activity principal view. From - for it the Kamchatka deputies can not support a nominee of Kozhemjako - mister Deniss has explained . Oleg Kozhemjako owned Ozernovsky fish-canning factory (lake Kuril) and rybopererabatyvajushchim the module (Commander Islands) on Kamchatka, and also the Tymlatsky fish factory in Korjakii, however in connection with transition to civil service has sold the actives. And the Kamchatka political scientist Iskander Khakimov has declared that on peninsula for a long time already have got used to thought that the person from outside " will be the governor of the Kamchatka edge;. We will remind, the former Far East plenipotentiary Konstantin Pulikovski actively lobbied on this post the head of the company Renova Victor Vekselberg. the person from outside as mister Khakimov has assumed, can become and eks - head Tajmyra, and the main argument in its advantage he named that Oleg Budargin has experience in the conditions of the Far North.
as Michael Mashkovtsev has declared , even before appointment of the head of incorporated edge at Kamchatka can appear and. The island of the governor, and the corresponding decree can be transferred it during Michael Fradkov`s visit to Kamchatka which is expected on peninsula on April, 3rd. to appoint and. An island of head Oleg Kozhemjako senselessly also it is useless, because there will be nobody to cope with affairs in Korjakii - mister Mashkovtsev has explained. Thus it has expressed confidence that at the coordination of a nominee of the head of incorporated edge of contradictions between deputies of Korjakii and Kamchatka will not arise, as hardly someone from them will decide to go against the will of the federal centre .
Marina Iljushchenko