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  Supervision Primorski Krai remains without “ Freedom and democracy “ Yesterday, according to the decision of the Supreme court of Russia, the party registration " has been cancelled; Freedom and democracy “ which leader was the deputy of the State Duma Victor Cherepkov. The claim about party liquidation has been submitted by Federal registration service because the party has ceased to correspond to new criteria. Under the statement of Rosregistratsii, in “ Freedom and democracy “ less than 50 thousand members. According to the co-ordinator of party Arthur Grohovsky, number of the organisation makes 150 thousand persons that has been confirmed officially and documentary. Nevertheless the Federal registration commission has considered these documents insolvent. The Supreme court also motivated the decision with insufficient quantity of party members and insufficient quantity of regional branches. “ We have confirmed that in our party really there is 150 thousand persons and 48 operating regional branches which number is more 500. Nevertheless the decision was in favour of Rosregistratsii “ - the co-ordinator has told. Party “ Freedom and democracy “ has been founded at congress on December, 2nd, 2001.
Anna Kovaleva

  Game rules In Vladivostok have become empty Chinese rynkina the central market on street of Ensign Komarova past Sunday from approximately 20 containers in which citizens of the Peoples Republic of China conducted sale of the industrial goods, two have been opened only. Already Russian sellers worked in them. “ other containers will open weeks through two - Chineses should employ Russian “ - one of sellers has told. In the Chinese market largest in Vladivostok on street Sports (some honeycombs of containers) have been closed approximately 80 % of shops. In working containers about half of sellers Russian, and another - natives of Asia represented. In Trading - industrial chamber of Primorski Territory believe that new rules of trade in the retail markets will lead to that citizens of the Peoples Republic of China will be compelled to employ Russian sellers, and gradually will start to specialise on wholesale trade. Experts also predict that in the near future on a place of the former Chinese retail markets there can be shopping centres. It is known, for example, that in capital of Primorski Krai the plan of corresponding reconstruction of the Chinese market around road service station is already confirmed. According to administration of Vladivostok, now in a city is 13 markets and 37 trading platforms giving 6521 workplace. Before decision coming into force “ About an establishment for 2007 of an admissible share of foreign workers “ and the Federal law ¹271 “ About the retail markets and changes in the legislation on work “ On them worked over 1,5 thousand foreign citizens. By January, 15th this figure has decreased to 586, and after April, 1st the city authorities promise to reduce number of sellers - foreigners to zero.
Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok

  Corporate governance “ Sibirtelekom “ has changed gendirektoravchera Open Society board of directors “ Sibirtelekom “ (a daughter of Open Society “ Svyazinvest “) has appointed the new general director of the company. It had been selected Alexander Isaev earlier holding a post of the assistant of the general director, the director of the Moscow branch of Open Society “ Rostelecom “ (a daughter of Open Society “ Svyazinvest “) . The term of appointment g - on Isaeva is defined till April, 2nd, 2009. On it informs a press - service “ Sibirtelekoma “. Since 1995 Alexander Isaev was the assistant to the commercial director of the company “ St.-Petersburg - a Telecom “ the assistant to the commercial director on work with clients on planning and development of business of Joint-Stock Company “ PeterStar “. In January, 2002 g - n Isaev has been appointed by the assistant to the general director, the commercial director “ Rostelecom “ and since April, 2003 - zamgendirektora, the director for work with the state structures of the company. To the former general director “ Sibirtelekoma “ the post in structure ", most likely, will be offered Anatoly Nikulinu; Svyazinvest “.
Yury Yudin, Irkutsk

  The finance Highland Gold has occupied money on Chita ìåñòîðîæäåíèÿHighland Gold Mining Limited (HGM) has finished the program of re-structuring of debts. As has informed yesterday a press - service of the gold mining company, MDM - the Bank has opened HGM the demand line of credit on $60 million, and Gazprombank - on $30 million Received at opening of new demand lines of credit of means have been used for preschedule repayment of the existing syndicated credit (about $25,6 million), and the company will direct the rest for financing of expenses on working out of the New Shirokinsky and Taseevsky deposit in the Chita region, and also the May deposit (Chukchi autonomous region). We will remind that in October, 2006 HGM has agreed about sale of 48,3 % of actions of New Shirokinsky mine of the company “ Kaztsink “. The Sum of transaction has made $36 million Yesterday in a press - to service HGM have informed that the mine is planned to start in operation in 2008. Commercial stocks of the New Shirokinsky polymetallic deposit on categories Â+Ñ1 make 5,52 thousand t ores at the maintenance of gold 4,8 g/ t.
Alexey Kopylov, Chita

  the Transaction Angarski Krai remains without East vorotpaket Joint-Stock Company actions “ Port East gate - Seaside factory “ belonging to the Irkutsk region, the second shareholder of a society - the company " has got; Seaside factory “ become by the unique owner of the enterprise. About it it is told in the message of Fund of property of the Irkutsk region. The package is equal 25 % of an authorised capital stock of port plus one action. The sum for which the Seaside factory has redeemed a package, has made 14,525 million rbl. and is equal to the initial price of a package. As it was informed earlier, in the beginning of December, 2006 the head of Fund of property Elena Magomedov has informed that from the second shareholder of port - Seaside factory the oral information on the consent to get the share holding of a society belonging to the Irkutsk region is received. Because “ port East gate “ is the closed joint-stock company, the second shareholder has the right of priority of the repayment of actions. Sale of a regional share holding “ Port East gate - Seaside factory “ has been included in the program of privatisation of regional property for 2006 by amendments to June. Earlier representatives of administration of region showed doubts in expediency of sale of a package as the port could interest lesozagotovitelnye the area enterprises. The port authorised capital stock makes more than 9,623 million rbl. Following the results of the first half of the year 2006 society non-current assets were equal to 39,524 million rbl., turnaround - 22,397 million rbl. The capital and reserves - 45,931 million rbl., long-term obligations - 4,721 million rbl., short-term - 11,269 million rbl.
RIA “ the Siberian news “

  Friendship of the people Buryatiya and Mongolia have converged on ekologiiplan joint actions for 2007-2008 on realisation of the report on cooperation between the ministry of the nature and preservation of the environment of Mongolia and the ministry of natural resources and Republic Buryatiya preservations of the environment is signed during working visit of the first deputy minprirody Buryatiya by Baira Angaeva to Mongolia. As the head of representation of Republic Buryatiya in Mongolia Nikolay Atanov has informed, among mainstreams of cooperation of the party have defined association of efforts under the prevention and liquidation of forest fires in transboundary territories and on struggle against wood wreckers. On this theme of the party in the middle of April will spend in the cities of Kyakhtas and Suhe - Bator meeting with participation of the responsible organisations. Participation of the Buryat party in the Mongolian program " becomes other direction of cooperation; Ekotrassa “. It provides forest shelter belt creation on desert Gobi perimetre. The Mongolian party has offered for Buryatiya a site in Sredne - Gobijsky ajmake - it is pobratimom Bichursky and Kjahtinsky areas of republic. The Japanese, Korean, European ecological organisations participate in realisation of the program except the Mongolian party.
Anastas Gula, the Uhlan - Ude