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The Rosaviation was fond of shifts

Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation) has appointed and. An island of general director FGUP the Airport Irkutsk one of managers of the enterprise - Pavel Halina. It has replaced on Victor Morozova`s this post which has headed the airport in January of this year. According to branch experts, the Rosaviation is engaged in rotation of shots to be quiet for carrying out of reconstruction of the airport while in court the question on legitimacy of results of contest for vacancy of the general director is solved. We will remind that in November of last year the representative of airline " became the winner of competition; Samara Konstantin Bylinin. Yesterday a press - service FGUP the Airport Irkutsk has informed on appointment to the post of the general director of the enterprise of Pavel Halina fulfilling duty. Earlier it held a post of the first deputy of the general director of the Irkutsk airport. Mister Halin was the person of a command of former head FGUPa of Alexey Kulikova discharged of a post in January, 2007 in connection with the expiry of the term of the labour contract. Then the Rosaviation has charged a management of aviation enterprise to Victor Morozovu, the chief on operation of land constructions of the Irkutsk airport. As yesterday have informed in a press - department service, after Pavel Halina`s appointment mister Morozov remains at the Irkutsk airport on a post of the deputy director. However, Victor Morozov, the interlocutor will be engaged in what exactly now has not specified.
in Ministry of Transport yesterday have not explained that has served as the reason for change a top - the manager of the Irkutsk airport. According to the first deputy of the head of administration of the Irkutsk region Yury Paranicheva, Pavel Halina`s nominee was considered during a January meeting of the governor of the Irkutsk region Alexander Tishanina and zamrukovoditelja Andrey Parshintseva`s Rosaviation. However then, after consultations of a management of Angarski Krai, the Rosaviation has appointed to the post and. An island of general director Victor Morozova. Terms of its work in quality and. An island did not make a reservation - Yury Paranichev has explained .
Term of the contract of head FGUP of Alexey Kulikova discharged of a post has expired in 2005. In January of this year the Rosaviation has held competition on replacement of a vacant post of the general director of the airport. Konstantin Bylinin became the winner, and. An island of the general director of airline Samara (enters into alliance AirUnion. - ). However one of applicants - the head of Irkutsk aircraft repair factory Valentine Chepanin has decided to challenge competition results. According to representatives of Rosaviation, mister Chepanin has not passed on competition because in its work record card has been ostensibly specified that it has a higher education, and actually konkursant has been deducted from the fifth year. Valentine Chepanin is assured that errors in the work record card are not present.
In regional administration about Pavel Halina`s appointment have learnt yesterday, when and. The island of the general director which have started performance of the duties, has come on an audience to the assistant to the governor Anatoly Nikitin. According to branch experts, rotation of shots of the Irkutsk airport is connected with uncertainty of proceeding of regional court under Valentine Chepanina`s claim. Earlier Andrey Parshintsev noticed that such affairs are considered in court from six months till one year . Thus, as branch experts consider, the Rosaviation a trial and error method looks for the necessary person who will be not only to supervise temporarily over the airport, but effectively to be engaged in its reconstruction. In its frameworks it is supposed to strengthen and extend VPP on 400 m towards lake Baikal, to modernise a building of air terminal for internal airlines. Works is planned to finish by the end of 2008, and their total cost will make 216 million the rbl. allocated from the federal budget. As have explained at the airport, now Pavel Halin - one of the main things spetsov on reconstruction .
Alexey Kopylov, Irkutsk