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Russian and emptiness

Grigory Revzin argues On historical experience and square metres

Know, now so it is accepted that houses at us have names, basically the literary. For example Fathers and children Other coast Purgatory . One lovely lady, rieltersha, has addressed to me as to the journalist with the request to think up to it the house name, the house was in the Italian style. Well, I by analogy have offered it - New life the Released Jerusalem Violent Roland . However so it has turned out that these names of corresponding products Dante, and Ariosto she did not remember Tasso, and consequently the offer has not passed.

- what for to us the Released Jerusalem if at us the Italian house? - It has stopped weeds my imagination. - Grigory as houses in Italy beautifully are called! A palace of Farneze, Pitti, Medici, Rikardi! Perfectly sounds! Let`s name our house the Palace of Pitti !

is it is impossible. Pitti, - I speak to it, is a surname.

- whose? - She has become interested.

- Pitti is a surname of Pitti

is who, the architect? Well also you will think! Goodness knows, except you!

- is not present, it not the architect. They are owners of the house. They there lived, and consequently the house so is called. In the sense that it is their palace.

- cannot be! And if the house is on sale, how then?

- Then double names turn out. For example, Medici`s palace - Rikkardi.

As a result the house began to be called as - that of type Kvartallo neapolitano and in such kind safely was on sale.

some Russian people live all better and better, and in this sense we have a progress. In 1992 - 1996 the city apartment of these some Russian people was on the average the area of two hundred metres in the settled communal flat, and the country house was in the size four hundred metres, type the Canadian sandwich, on a site to 20 hundred parts. By 2000 the apartment became the area about 500 metres, in the new house which then named elite, and a country house - the area one thousand metres, in the Victorian or any historical style (them then tenderly named zamchatami), with a site the half-hectare area. Today city apartment - the area about thousand metres in as now it is accepted to name it, class real estate lux or a class And and the country house - a country house, more often vanguard, the area is not less two thousand metres, with a site from ten hectares and different additional structures in the form of hunting lodges, stables and greenhouses.

it is good, but in a word combination some Russian people disturbing smack consists. No, I at all do not mean that so live not all. It is impossible. I mean that this cannot be concretised some. It is impossible to tell: some, for example such - that. Something Never turns out type country houses de Ripaschi and always only manor Old woman Izergil .

Before revolution at us it was known, who where lives, is here a palace Beloselsky - Belozerskys, it is the house of senator Polovtseva, it is the house of a merchant of Tarasova. So they also have become history of architecture, well and so it has turned out that them first of all pograbili. From here historical experience - is better, that did not know, who lives in the house, the house will be more whole. And after revolution have thought up residence permit institute that it was convenient to state to take whom when it is necessary - in army or in prison. From here again historical experience - is better, that did not know, where do you live. You will be more whole. And it gives rise to very specific relation to architecture.

In the middle of 90 - h it was accepted to complain: we do not have Russian house. It is known that such the Swiss, English, American house, at each of them the typology, the set of premises, and here that such Russian - is not clear. Has passed ten years, and in this time a question has dared, but rather not trivial image.

to take same Rikardi. They lived to themselves in Medici`s palace four hundred years, and anything. Did not change. At them steady life was developed. At us for 10 years the house typology was three times replaced. Now, as it was already told, less than in 2000 metres in the country to live indecently. What happens? Why it has suddenly appeared, what in 500 metres in any way it is impossible? Children on one and a half thousand metres has arisen? Relatives from Perm have come in large numbers?

two years ago one magazine held a reception in one penthouse on Yakimanka. The owner has bought it, but has not had time to equip, there there were naked concrete walls, without internal partitions. And here - has given for reception. One year ago there was an exhibition of one known architect, and about it again there was a reception - strangely enough, again in the same penthouse. There has changed nothing, the same walls. Recently I have learnt that this penthouse is on sale - to the owner it has appeared is small.

certainly, it not so occurs to all. Someone has time to grow roots and only then sells. But me the ideal of the Russian house interests, and it, seems to me, such. People do not get accustomed to the house, they do not risk to name it and to inform someone that they here live. They simply buy to themselves the space proportional to quantity of the money and as money becomes more also quantity of an empty place it is necessary to increase. Houses any more do not correspond to how in them to live. They correspond to money. And as the most liquid active are abstract square metres they and increase, here again two thousand metres - just right. They inform, how many today decently to have money to the rich Russian person for the status.

so now it is possible to answer easily a question that such the Russian house. This house has no internal lay-out, a standard set of premises - representations about this standard change faster, than have time to embody previous representations. If there it was possible to make something it is used in a hotel mode - live no more than year as have completed one, start to build the new. Any steady program of life it has not time to be developed - more truly, it is, and steady, but not the house. It consists in never to be late long on one place and always to be ready to disappear.

the Russian house is the emptiness limited to an external cover and having the literary name. In it do not live - it show itself the size of own condition. Progress consists in increase in quantity of this emptiness. Though is not present, forgive, in one. Now it is accepted, that water and a sewer drain have been brought to each premise in the house. Further it furnish does not go more often, but for a bathroom it is accepted to do a place everywhere. So when some other Russian people will come with vilami to establish social justice and will start to render habitable at last this emptiness the century dream of Russian communal flat will come true. In each room there will be a toilet.