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I to myself plan rounds

Tributes Klein - about creativity freedom, Bruxelles and Andalusia

Until recently I have been connected by the contract with the large company. If it is fair, not too it was pleasant to me. Their ideology is not pleasant to me - here this here the transnational megacorporationism which essence, whatever one may do, is reduced to to growth of profit of shareholders . Here these There sit here directors who can dismiss at any moment if results of their work do not correspond to mad problems which were put by mad owners. And then you suddenly meet the same dismissed directors in other corporation where they, surprising business, receive even more, than earlier. Wildly all it I do not love - especially taking into account that all is combined with total absence of knowledge of music and taste. And actors there - not that other, as products . About products I, by the way, do not joke: In the big corporations in musicians are engaged prodakt - managers . In the small company - that which we with friends have based now, - all is incomparably more human. At us at all equal quantity of actions.

for the singer any round is terribly lonely employment. You do not forget that it is necessary to keep mind about the vocal form. So when all my musicians easy go and all night long drink, I should go to a bed that, God forbid, well, for example not to become hoarse in the morning. Wild, I will tell to you, the stress - here and so all time to be soared. And from this it follows that I very much do not love traditional promotion. You here have written down a plate, the happy has enclosed in it a soul, wildly. And to you speak - and ezzhaj now in promo - round. Which, apparently, never comes to an end. All this time you tell to friends: Here I will return - we will necessarily see . You come back - and all already and not to you. And you feel even more lonely, than all these nights in hotels. So now I and plates to myself order, and rounds to myself I plan.

where I only was not - States, Mexico, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Morocco, Kabo - Verde... But there is nothing better Bruxelles and Andalusia, two places where I live. There to me it is easy and good, there my favourite landscapes, small small villages. And there I have written down a plate of project Purple Prose. I am a lot of money on it have not earned, but it almost the most important that I have made in the life. After it a lot of time has passed, before I have remembered about Vaya con Dios.