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Denunciation epidemic in the Arkhangelsk region

fulfilling duties of the chief of militia of public safety of the Arkhangelsk region Oleg Bezumov has declared yesterday that region law enforcement bodies start to pay from 500 rbl. to 10 thousand rbl. to citizens who will inform on the infringements of the law noticed by them. Legal experts consider that financial stimulation of witnesses will lead to that people will start to earn on denunciations.
about the beginning of financing regional target Programs of preventive maintenance of offences in the Arkhangelsk region on 2007 - 2008, colonel Oleg Bezumov declared calculated yesterday fulfilling duties of the chief of militia of public safety of the Arkhangelsk region. The program, in particular, provides material encouragement of citizens for the information which can help with disclosing administrative and criminal offences. The law resolving this practice has been accepted by deputies of the Arkhangelsk regional Duma on October, 19th, 2006, and program financing should begin since January. However the budget could find money for encouragement of witnesses only in March.

for financing of the law from the regional budget it will be allocated with 100 thousand rbl. annually. According to mister Bezumova, compensation will depend on importance of the information, weight of a crime or its consequences. For data on administrative offences, for example, about illegal trade in spirit or moonshine, to the informer the budget will pay 500 rbl. For the information on the car which has disappeared from a place of road accident, will offer 1 thousand rbl. of Data on a preparing crime to be paid at the rate from 1 thousand to 6 thousand rbl. the Greatest award it will be necessary for data which will help to open especially grave crimes, - 10 thousand rbl. Thus the militia guarantees to the volunteer assistants confidentiality.

Monetary compensation for the help of militia - normal practice, - considers mister Bezumov. - Earlier we thanked people, handing over reading and writing, thanks, costly presents, and have now received one more mechanism of encouragement . Colonel Bezumov speaks About expediency of new practice carefully. it is necessary to work any time, at least half a year then it will be possible to estimate efficiency. And operating with the concrete facts, to speak, how much monetary stimulation has appeared effective - mister Bezumov has declared.

the Arkhangelsk lawyers and legal experts have scarified the regional program, naming it legalised stukachestvom . I do not think that innovations can help to raise raskryvaemost crimes. People will start to inform on the present and imaginary offences only for the sake of money - the chief executive of the Arkhangelsk branch of a society " has declared; the Memorial Oleg Pychin. Similar innovations are immoral and accustom people to knock. We accused a Stalin mode that millions people have been illegally shot, but the reason of it was total stukachestvo. We again to it come back - lawyer Mansur Bekarov considers.

we Will notice that the similar program from this year operates in one region - the Irkutsk region. It is possible to receive for the information on perfect offences and crimes from 500 rbl. to 50 thousand rbl. In Moscow capital deputies have accepted in 2003 the law About public points of protection of an order providing material compensation to voluntary witnesses. But the price-list of work of these points and has not been published.

it is disgusting and senseless practice, - head of movement ` For human rights ` Lev Ponomarev has declared. - If the person became the witness of a crime, to inform on it - its civic duty. Increase of consciousness of people by means of money will lead to that the denunciation becomes way of earnings .

, Arkhangelsk; ANDREY - KOZENKO