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the Collection of hours Breguet in Moscow
represents Ekaterina Istomin

House Breguet, rukovodimyj last ten years Nicolas Hayek - the senior, is interesting not only history, the most considerable hour history in the world, - the figure of hardworking, successful and extraordinary prolific Parisian master, the supplier of many imperial and imperial court yard of Abrahama - Lui Brege is for a long time a symbol the watch-maker in general . Interesting that Breguet is kept in surprisingly quiet and worthy image between rough and noisy hour trends (and the world of hours at all so it is boring and monotonous, as it can seem from outside) and own classical heritage about which many books are written. Today the feather of masters Breguet posesses hours which are the most respectable in the world hour classics. These are so classical hours that about them it is possible to tell - old masters . On the other hand, in Breguet extremely watch closely current tendencies and do not consider shameful to participate for the greatness in many of them.

it is possible to carry hours of absolutely different sense To innovative models Breguet - for example, well-known La Tradition, let out in 2005. Then on specially collected a press - conferences in Basel within the limits of exhibition BaselWorld Nicolas Hayek ardently told to journalists that sense La Tradition consists in showing mechanisms and inventions of Abrahama - Lui Brege, but to show their especial, not classical, but modernist image. And La Tradition precisely answered the problem put by the president. At hours the habitual dial has been removed, under sapphire glass it was possible to see one of the main inventions of Brege - a spring a parachute (the invention concerns 1807). Thus, La Tradition combined a classical, museum stuffing and modernist shape. Today La Tradition, originally let out in the case from yellow gold, are presented and in more expensive and collection platinum. That is the modernism starts to be preserved on the sly.

approximately same history with hours of series Marina which are positioned as sports models. There was no time Marina hours simultaneously and weighty, and suhoparnymi - it was, of course, visible that it is hours Breguet, but no glamour in them existed. New models Marina apply for the status ultraadvanced and very young hours. So, man`s model Marina continues a theme begun by the hour revolutionary and violent harizmatikom Jean - Claude Biverom, reanimatorom marks Blancpain and Hublot. Last great creation Jean - Claude Bivera is the postmodernist model Big Bang which in time for improbably short term, it is literally for a year, to win glory hours of the XXI-st century .

Classical variant Big Bang of Bivera (or Big Bang ) Shows a combination of pink gold and chocolate rubber. Such sweet the palette became immediately improbably popular in set of watch-makers and manufactories. It is remarkable that to this palette has addressed, and very quickly, and manufactory Breguet - new marines have the case from pink gold, giloshe on a chocolate dial and a thong from corrugated rubber of chocolate colour.

female marines Breguet also have not avoided a trend: last year that had been declared white colour, in 2006 - m almost all marks have presented the hours on a white thong - from fashionable houses Hermes and Dior and to serious hour manufactories like Blancpain, A. Lange and Sohne, Audemars Piquet. Breguet also has exposed white Marina - jeweller, but sports, fashionable, but classical. It is possible even to tell that this a marine it has turned out too white, any even snow - The case from white gold with diamond obodkom, a dial from white nacre and a thong from white corrugated rubber.

despite attention to trends and the desire not to lag behind appearing tendencies, Breguet updates also own classical lines - Classique and Classique Grande Complication. Here annually there are the models showing not so much mechanisms, how many style of Brege . After all, as it is known, Abraham - Lui Brege was engaged not only mechanics, but also style - it is possible to carry to its style intensive giloshirovanie a dial different drawings, the arrows which have received the name an apple of Brege (arrows, at which on the ends circles), the Moon image (so-called the Moon muzzle she can be seen on hours with an eternal calendar and minute repetirom). To pure to the classic the well-known historical women watch of a manufactory " concerns also; the Queen of Naples (La Reine de Naples), created Brege in 1809 by request of Carolina - Annosiady Bonaparte, Napoleon`s younger sister, the spouse of its fighting general Johima Mjurata and really queen of Naples. Hours represent the delightful sample of empire style - the gold egg-shaped case, the nacreous dial, the displaced clockwork head with a brilliant - soliterom and a thin satiny thong. The tiny model is at the moment let out.