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MUSIC with Boris Barabanovym

Tonight at a concert in club the Point popular capital ska - the punk - group Distemper will present a new album the World is created for you . Evening will be opened by a command the Holiday . Igor Ivanovich Sukachyov will come off today film shootings the sun House to play a concert in club 2 . It is rare chance to see the favourite executor and its group Untouchable during the current year, as the actor has devoted all time to shootings and declared the moratorium on concert activity. In club the Orange the English group 65daysofstatic which compare with Mogwai, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor will act!. Besides a post - fatal designs in creativity 65daysofstatic motives IDM, dramas - n - bejsa and a jungle are found out. This time it is necessary to pay attention and on opening a concert of foreign visitors the Moscow group. Under difficult foreign name Everything is Made in China the harmonious capital collective to which designate laurels of protagonists indi - scenes of this year acts.

tomorrow here - an eternal value of the Moscow club stage, the favourite of promoters Mark Almond. The English singer will present the new album Stardom Road an including cover - versions of songs from repertoire of Dasti Springfield, Roberty Flek, Shirli Bejsi, Frenka Sinatras, T. Rex, Petuly Clark and other classics of a civilised platform. Classics of style hevi - threw Manowar will show on a scene of the Palace of sports Luzniki the program based on a material of a new album Gods of War . In club Ikra there will pass a party dated for the beginning of reprinting of classical albums of group the Center . Vasily Shumov and its colleagues will play the program made of songs of recently let out disk Region 5 and the earliest hits. In club Neo on the Warsaw highway the French DJ and composer Zhakim Garro known as the producer of the well-known David Getty and the partner of Jean - Michel Zharra and Milen Farmer will play. In the same hours per club the City its not less authoritative American colleague Dzhosh Vink will play. And in club Allnighters working in the neighbourhood with glorified Gazgolderom will appear bristoltsy Kosheen. This time to the Moscow public it will be presented house a set - a voice plus of a key plus didzhejsky the panel.

on Sunday in Ikra - the guitarist of group Current of 93 Sajmon the Finn with the solo program. In 1 Maximum - presentation of the fourth studio album Ufa the punk - groups the Lumen Truth? . In the Orange - Swedes Holiday with Maggie with support of Petersburg group More both Relsy and Muscovites from collective Deja vu . Speaking about Holiday with Maggie, often use a word emo that in circles of teenagers now to equivalently English word hype. That is the adult not to understand, but the notice is provided.

on April, 10th in Igor Butman`s jazz club there will begin a series from four concerts the American singer and composer Nefertari Bej. From 25 years of the young life madam Bej sings all 20. Nefertari Bej - the bachelor on a vocal and zvukorezhissure, it acted with Kenni Barronom and has received a praise from Shejly Jordan. At concerts in Moscow to it will give support of a trio of Oleg Butman.

on April, 11th in MHATe it. Bitter with kamerno - theatrical the program Silent games Vyacheslav Butusov and group " will act; JU - Peter . Songs from already written down, but still in any way yet not named new album of group are promised. The same evening in the Orange - group Animals. There is no need once again to chafe wounds and to remind that neither Eric Berdona, nor as a part of collective with the legendary name to us it is not fated to see Alan Prajsa. But at a concert under this signboard in Moscow there will be keyboard player Mikki Gallaher playing with The Clash, Paul McCartney, Dejvom Stewart, Enni Lennoks and Robbie Williams.

on Thursday, on April, 12th, group Safety Magic will collect at festival of a name of in club 16 tons Charles Hlamkina, Vladimir Chekasina, Inna Zhelannuju, Pelageju and group Children Picasso . The exit of new album Safety Magic " becomes an occasion to fun; Voices . And in the Orange the new album After the singer Utah will present.