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Colour and the form

considers Multi-colour things of this season Marina Prokhorov

These colour edgings, coquettes, sleeves and pristrochennye to hems of a strip of a fabric of other colour, the bags made of multi-coloured slices and a shoe look vigorously and distinctly. Bright contrast colours as though can create the form - uploshchennuju or is underlined convex, to underline or change a silhouette. Anyway the similar clothes let to us know in the most distinct image, how much fashion - the design is close to architecture.

compound multi-coloured things always show us an abstract ornament. Simply scale at this ornament the different. The small and clear patterns which sometimes are reminding a list of walls at a mosque or not having almost anything general with corporal vestments Byzantian bazilevsov. And so huge that on a dress as though the small fragment of a pattern - the same a hem or the coquette gets only. But anyway this idea - to make clothes of materials of different colours - at all brightness creates surprising sensation of orderliness and harmony. So are harmonious and perfect both the whole snowflake, and its small slice considered under a microscope.

most of all this trend reminds us about thought up in the middle of 1910 - h years Kazimirom Malevich a suprematism. We remembered theatrical suits of this artist more recently when spoke about futurism. And the things made of pieces of a multi-coloured material, too remind us of futurism and appear in fashionable collections simultaneously with it.

Artists - suprematisty and artists - futurists worked during the period between the first and second world wars. Among other they created suits for cinema and theatre, imposing bright and asymmetric abstract patterns on normal clothes of that time. That is concerned a three-dimensional suit as to a cloth, allowing to create a colour composition full of movement. The clothes from a monophonic fabric with multi-coloured abstract applications and intarsijami were included into life together with a futuristic fashion 60 - h, and it too were very simple things on breed. And even on a boundary 70 - h and 80 - h when this fashion has returned to us together with the next stream of a film fantasy, it was concerning simple. If to remember dresses of heroines Santa - Barbaras and to distract from oddish proportions and bulky costume jewellery, it is visible that breed of multi-coloured dresses is much more laconic.

now compound dresses, bags and shoes in the majority are simply beautiful. They are not complicated by any strangers, terrestrial ideas as it was in diskotechnyh 80 - h. They are very simple. And the multi-coloured ornament complicates not so much, how many underlines their distinct structure.