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Franz Schubert. Winterreise

H. J. Mammel, A. Schoonderwoerd (Alpha)

In records of the most known song cycle of Schubert, it the Winter way the lack is not present. The reason, it appears, not only in popularity the Winter way but also in appreciable diligence of separate executors to present shubertovskie songs it is perfect on - new, being guided by noble desire to clear quiveringly - a melancholic masterpiece of German romanticism from ponalipshih a cliche. This record, for example, it is obvious from the experimental. Strangely enough, the impression is made that tone is set here not by the singer (Hans - Jorg Mammel possessing the correct, soft tenor with delicate transparent tops), and the tool: Arthur Shondervurd, the expert in historical keyboard tools of a romantic epoch, plays here an ancient grand piano of 1810 of release. The tool this and in itself possesses drier, more sonorous sound that only underlines a reserved manner of the pianist. As a result shubertovskaja music gets an unexpected touch of classicism, and not in the deepest interpretation. To the tenor lacks personal, perhaps, harizmatichnosti to be the lawyer such the Winter way .