Rus News Journal


Julia Peshkov

collected Dressers and chairs from Fasem
last year this Italian mark has celebrated the thirtieth anniversary, has replaced management and art - directors (designer Roberto Latstseroni became it) and has let out very nice collection. Not supernatural, but actual. The main colour she has chosen the orange. In it (in a combination to colour of an ivory or others) all is executed almost: leather chairs and armchairs, coffee tables and dressers. Arte di Vivere

the Panel for technics Folio from Alivar
the Typical panel for the TV and the technics accompanying it: simple and functional. On it it is possible to place plasma or the liquid crystal TV, video and DVD - a player, and also set of disks and cartridges (on shelves which are hidden behind). Furnish can be different, but in an orange varnish it looks most in an original way. twelve

Sofa Corbeille from Edra
In general - that the main colour of season Edra has proclaimed white, having recoloured about it all well-known models. A novelty of last year, sofa Corbeille, too has been presented in white and, by way of exception, in the orange. The collection name into which sofas and armchairs enter a different kind, is translated as a basket . And it is not far from true: all seats consist of a metal skeleton - a basket and the soft pillows laid in it. Flet

Armchair SM65T from Maxalto
This armchair enters into collection Simplice of mark Maxalto which, in turn, is podbrendom the well-known factory B and B Italia. All collections Maxalto are created under the direction of the designer Antonio Chitterio, the known singer of simplicity. Simplicity, but not minimalism. Its things is not any aeriform skeletons, and quite fleshy creations from a tree and other traditional materials. Colours he does not indulge, but sometimes supposes in a collection a little bit paints. Now, on a fashion wave, there was an orange. interiors of Ekstra of the Class

the Daily log from Hermes
We more than once made a declaration of love to kozhgalanteree Hermes and are ready to make it again. They do not aspire to think out new forms or to complicate the things any ornaments. The accent becomes on a variety of colours and skin kinds. Orange - as it is known, firm colour of mark. Hermes

Armchair Neffron from Drexel
the Furniture of this American mark has surprising property: even if you look at it for the first time, apparently, as if you it already where - that saw, and even have at all lived with it all life. It is thus unessential to be the expert on historical styles. Probably, all these forms and colouring nest where - that deeply in subconsciousness. It is possible to concern forms on - to a miscellaneous, but colouring unconditionally charming. Basically they pale enough, but come across also bright, like this. English Interiors

the Vase from Daniela Poletti
the Woman working with glass, is enough unusual occurrence. Not the female this business demanding physical efforts, especially if to do all manually. But Daniela Poletti consults, and even advances men at different special competitions. Glass (by the way, muranskoe) it does not blow, and plavit and cuts: all its vases, dishes, ornaments and so forth turn out a bit rough and appetizing, as the glazed cookies. Though this vase from two-layer glass is more similar to a peel from fruit. accents

Chair Oscar from Ego
the Italian mark Ego makes a glamour in the pure state. Gold, silver, black colour, a velvet and a skin, a brilliant varnish - here its typical receptions. But not all so is simple. If to rummage in the catalogue, it will be found out that, for example, it is possible to replace a varnish with the polished tree of a natural kind, and brilliant black - cheerful orange. Both that and another, however, at Ego looks too extremely glamurno. Podium Concept Store