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Konfetnoraskrashennaja apelsinnolepestkovaja the streamline baby That Vulf. M: the amphora, 2007

the Russian reader not bad knows Toma Vulfa - the writer, the author of novels Fires of ambitions and the Electroacid cooling test . The new book of publishing house the Amphora - the first attempt to open Russia Volumes of Vulfa - the journalist. The history of occurrence of this book can be read in each textbook of journalism respecting. Reporter Vulf, without knowing how to write for the newspaper Gerald Tribjun a note about an automobile exhibition, villages also has outlined tridtsatistranichnyj the story. The newspaper has published the story, without changing words. So in the American journalism there was a new style - new zhurnalizm, a subjective author`s narration on the verge of the literature which anyhow professed Hunter Thompson, Truman Kapote, Norman Mailer and many other things.

the baby Is a meeting of reportings and articles of Vulfa of the beginning 60 - h years. Full enough panorama of the American society enduring a new birth after the Second World War: new culture, heroes, the social classes, new New York. Describing occurrence and the first arrival Beatles the boom of self-made cars, blossoming of a yellow press and a birth gruppis, Vulf is extremely subjective. It concentrates on details, on telling of stories and on brilliant lyrical digressions in which it manages to give to new America rather exact definitions.

this style, certainly, completely it was not possible to transfer to Russian. But it is just difficult to publishing house to blame for it: the translator was necessary ingenious, and has got only diligent - Michael Kondratyev not translates the first year modern American novels and at least has had time to fill on them a hand. Obidnee another: Articles of Vulfa are, of course, calculated on knowledge of a context, on journal publications with signatures and illustrations. In the book Amphoras for such help do not wait: the reader can and not learn that boxer Kassius the Glue, which ascension describes Vulf, is the well-known Mohammed Ali, and the teenager - the millionaire, producer Fil the Stalker who in the book only has let out the first plates, then has become famous for work with Beatles Ramons Tina Turner and now expects court for murder of the girl-friend - actresses. About what it is necessary to regret: with correct notes the book would be the most valuable document of the American history 60 - h, without them - remains only the grant on journalism stories.