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Yesterday in Washington new research of the politological Center for the responsible policy, tracing a role of money in the American policy, including lobbying in the congress and the government of the USA, donations on presidential election, financing of political parties has been published. According to this research, company GML Limited (the former group MENATEP) became the leader following the results of the past year on volume of expenses on the lobbist activity connected with Russia in Washington. It has spent for these purposes in $2006 600 thousand On the second place - Alpha bank which has allocated $580 thousand on the organisation of meetings for discussion American - the Russian relations and negotiations on the WTO . On the third - the American trading company Norimet USA, Inc., realising production Norilsk nickel - its lobbyists were engaged in the congress of the USA in discussion budgetary appropriations of 2007 on power and water resources .
Research shows that in the last two days company GML Limited has spent for lobbist activity in the USA more than $1 million In 2006 these means have been intended for lobbying on such categories, as foreign policy, law-enforcement activity and criminality, and also the civil rights and a civil freedom. In research it is informed that in interests of company GML Limited the American firms conducted last year lobbist activity in National Security council at the US president, US State department, management of the sales representative at the US president, the Ministries of Trade and the finance, and also in the senate and the House of Representatives of the American congress. Thus in reports of companies Covington both Burling and Greenberg Traurig LLP thereupon it is underlined that the purpose of their lobbist efforts in 2006 was Development in the government of the USA of support to law domination in Russia, in particular, in connection with the undertaken Russian authorities actions against key owners GML Limited (in group MENATEP past) and YUKOS . In company APCO Worldwide report it is informed that lobbying on behalf of GML Limited was conducted with a view of advancements of bilateral mutual relations between the USA and Russia .

Research shows that 2006 became record for the American lobbist firms which have received for the services in total $2 mlrd 450 million