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Epilogue to a legend

the Prime minister of Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 Edition
Ekaterina Istomin

tells Mercedes-Benz traditionally pays steadfast attention of the really rich history. On various actions - prime ministers, the test - drajvy, stands on the international autoshows - mersedesovtsy it is indispensable prikatyvajut an autocarriage, or the first-ever car created by Charles Benz in 1886. Certainly, it is a remark, to make which, however, too costs absolutely considerable money. Over an autocarriage is a thing not German, but the Italian elegance - mersedesovtsy necessarily beat the big tablet with an inscription “ the Inventor of cars “ meaning itself, Mercedes-Benz.

still an example. Near to the central offices of the company in Stuttgart is maloprimetnoe a structure is Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre, a workshop where restore old Mercedes by request of collectors. After restoration heroes of last years go to doze in a collection or, creaking wheels, leave on lines - for example, on roads Mille Miglia. In court yard Classic Centre there is a monument - Charles Benz and Gotlib the Daimler, two persons, is independent from each other thought up in 1886 of a carriage with motors and registered the inventions with a difference in some months (Benz has appeared the first). In life Benz and Daimler never saw each other. It has carried to meet after death - at a deaf concrete fence of Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre. Charles Benz and Gotlib Daimler is a pair calcareous monument with the red wreath which has dried on a foot.

certainly, still it is necessary to remember what exclusive and expensive museum is at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. More than 160 exhibits, from them 80 cars, 40 large-tonnage and 40 racing, 1 boat and 2 planes. Any other autocompany in the world cannot brag even of half of that has made for the new exhibition mausoleum of Mercedes-Benz (a museum has opened in the spring 2006 - go).

And here we see the next reference to rich mersedesovskoj stories - SLR 722 Edition. First of all attracts attention figure - “ 722 “. It signals “ about stories “ - at such number on Mercedes-Benz SLR of a design of Rudolf Ulenhauta left on line Mille Miglia in the spring of 1955 Stirling Moss and Dennis Dzhenkinson. Number “ 722 “ this crew has received on time of the start - Moss and Dzhenkinson have escaped on a line in 7 o`clock in the morning and 22 minutes.

in 10 hours and 7 minutes the shaken judges “ Thousand mill “ have announced to the world a new record - crew SLR 722 Moss - Dzhenkinson has finished race. About this inhuman, surprising even to modern measures a record had time to combine set of legends. And about that Moss and Dzhenkinson have cardinally rethought a role of the navigator: journalist Dzhenkinson on - to another “ read “ a card, specifying, which - opened or closed - their turn waits through 300 metres, and Moss needed to turn correctly only. And that speed of their car on separate sites reached fantastic 270 km/ ch. We will remind that it was 1955. It was really divine, unearthly record. Crew SLR “ 722 “ the angel of speed - after all more never and to anybody including to racers, it was not possible to repeat this feat conducted on roads of Italy. It was not possible even to come nearer to it. Angel of speed more did not go down on the earth - and there were only photos of triumphers with the persons happy and smoked from ashes. In 2005 - m on already vintage Mille Miglia all marked 50 - letie a record. With us there was only grey-haired grandfather Moss, Dennis Dzhenkinson has died.

And meanwhile mersedesovskie experts in marketing continue to juggle with the history facts (by the way, one of their last finds - the invention of a full drive which, according to Mercedes-Benz, belongs to this company, and has occurred it in 1907). In the meantime modern Mercedes SLR McLaren - the lineal heir “ a compartment of Ulenhauta “ a superthoroughbred handsome man, ugleplastikovyj the monocook. Presented in 2003, it and truth sumasshedshe is beautiful - as the young and expensive man a top - model on Giorgio Armani display (in armanievskih men - models there is something especial, in the spirit of a retro). Mercedes SLR McLaren as though and the clear head, however as - that not especially victoriously feels in ρσοεπκΰπξβ environment - for example, near to Ferrari Enzo or Lamborghini Murcielago. About it do not speak so much, do not write and do not gossip, how many about two last, but for automobile a top - model Mercedes SLR McLaren it is confident, at the top of the voice ask {euro} 580 thousand

But experts in marketing are not tired to invite - dear friends, all to us receive a legend, twice a legend, a myth in a square, ", faster; seven two two es an ale er “. It is purer breed, even more careful aristocrat, blue blood absolutely without additives, exclusive genes. And what parents, here, please, look in our family tree. The father and mum - Stirling Moss and Dennis Dzhenkinson. And SLR 722, the exclusive child of experts in marketing, leaves the limited series 150 cars. Affirms that all cars are already sold, and any of them will not appear in Russia.

it “ charged “ SLR McLaren - possibility of the maximum speed is increased about 334 km/ ch at usual SLR to 337 km/ ch at the version “ 722 “. Dispersal time also is increased: to 100 km/ ch - about 3,8 seconds to 3,6 seconds; to 200 km/ ch - about 10,6 seconds to 10,2 seconds; to 300 km/ ch - about 28,8 seconds to 28,0 seconds the Maximum capacity has grown about 626 l. With. To 650 l. With. And further faultlessly qualitative tuning appreciable to an eye - red (that red colour by which figures on SLR 1955 - go Moss and Dzhenkinsona have been deduced) shildiki " follows in all respects not so refined, but; 722 “ “ are scattered “ everywhere, and instead of former fresh black, “ biznesovoj “ skin - very magnificent, maskulinnaja furnish “ rough “ fleecy suede (for example, it is sheathed by it the wheel), it is bright - red seat belts are effectively allocated on a black background of a local cockpit. Plus forward composit brake disks brightly - than red colour now in diameter in 390 mm, weight became easier on 44 kg, fastidious “ a lip “ Forward splitter and drawn in as a tail, back diffuzor are made from ugleplastika that gives a gain to clamping force. The price was extended for real copecks - all on {euro} 30 thousand for such outstanding tuning and operational development.

to go by such car, it is necessary to get certain, it is desirable very good, similarity of a racing line - it is possible to construct it, for example, about the house. Near to a line, and also cabin tribunes still will be necessary for the commentator. It is possible to organise a small museum of own automobile glory. Release of souvenirs, friendly arrivals on days off. By the way, it is possible to go to one, without contenders. Spectators can to be invited, as, however, and the leader, and here souvenirs more correctly nevertheless to let out, but to leave to itself or to give away to the close relatives. SLR 722 - a legend of private using, that that costs at you in a court yard. And what about continuation of a great legend of a race car 722? Here all is simple. As one of pilots of centre McLaren that in a county Surrey (we went for a drive half-days on empty wet training line McLaren on usual SLR), " has told to me; understand, ladies, in a kingdom of electronics and marketing angels of speed never go down “. He - that knew that spoke, this pilot of stable McLaren.