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Yury Pimenov in Leonid Shishkin`s gallery

Yury Pimenov (1903 - 1977) - the artist, whose glory did not grow dim throughout all Soviet epoch, and during an epoch present is supported by strong commercial success ( the View from the window 1954 it is sold for $200 thousand in last Russian Sotheby ` s in London). Activity of the graduate well-known VHUTEMASa has begun in 1920 - e. At that time Pimenov - one of founders and the most active participants of legendary OST, the Society stankovistov, the colleague and Alexander Dejneki, Konstantin Vjalova, Sergey Luchishkina`s adherent - the young artists who have glorified poslerevoljutsionnoe art. Yury Pimenova`s style changed eventually from expressional obobshchennosti, corresponding epoch Time, forward! to quieter optimistic perception of the world which symbol became well-known New Moscow - a portrait of the fair-haired woman conducting the car on morning Moscow streets. At an exhibition in Leonid Shishkin`s gallery the spectator will see unknown person Pimenova - easel painting 40 - 70 - h years from meeting of a family of the artist, sketches of theatrical sceneries and ten drawings and sketches (on a photo Morning 1964).

Yury Pimenov possessed also doubtless literary gift - at his life some books in which it shared with the reader rich memories and reflexions on art and life have been published. The author`s design and small circulations have made for a long time these editions a rare book. Leonid Shishkin`s gallery has published Yury Pimenova`s new book Terrestrial art illustrated by those works which will hang in gallery halls.