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the Marksman

the Plot the Arrow first reminds directly - taki a popular film Island . After during joint performance of responsible mission its best friend perishes, Whether the marine the Bean Svagger (Mark Uolberg) retires and starts to live in an old small house on a grief. Especially long to pray for forgiveness sins and in general it is not necessary to long, as in his life dramatic events start to occur. About the retired commando remember, when in Washington learn about preparing attempt at the American president. FBI develops the graceful plan: during performance of the head of the state symitirovat attempt and right after it to catch the present killer.

the graceful plan goes to nothing - the killer instead of the president shoots at the archbishop who also was going to act this day. And the agent of FBI who has entangled in all is the Bean, it appears the villain and substitutes the protagonist so abruptly that all American special services start to pursue it. Further events are developed promptly. The bean finds to itself the ally, finds out that villains had against the archbishop, further, in general - that, clearly enough and predictedly. Among other and that Mark Uolberg very not bad represents a courageous and invincible marksman.

a stupid fat hare
the Protagonist the Stupid fat hare - the actor sickly TJUZa in the neolearnt city (Alexey Maklakov). Neither dullness, nor fat content do not prevent to make eyes successfully at it to a very young hare of a female, podvizajushchemusja at the same theatre, and zajchihi pomateree and at all flights chase the hero on wood with shouts: You love this small whore?

Except small whores actor Arcady Arkadievich loves great English playwright William Shakespeare, yes so is ardent that rolls citations from it at each theatrical case and at all does not find that the yellow hare overalls fitting its friable body with ears enter a discord with a monologue of the king Lyre. The doubtful persons who have surrounded an unfortunate hare as if would be built to it in turn to receive in a board. To the first there is produvnoj a theatre director (Vladimir Dolinsky), is direct behind it the radical director (Sergey Bekhterev) bearing unexpected interpretation of a fairy tale " follows; the Black hen in which he promises to Arcady Arkadievichu a role, assuring that it, in effect, almost the same that its precious Hamlet .

in general, all is stupid enough, though, probably, and not so is fat, as it would be desirable. Nikita Mikhalkov who at first calls " gains; to a hare By phone to call him in the Shakespearean statement. The first applause on the prime minister the Stupid fat hare were distributed, when on a question surprised tjuzovtsa: And what, at you in Moscow to play there is nobody? Nikita Sergeevich cordially explains: I can not already See these physiognomies . Soon the inhabitant of heaven personally comes for Arcady Arkadievichem, all in white, as Paratov for the girl without dowry, and just a fur coat to it under feet not stelet. However terrible focus with an apple which is scattered in dust under its shattering fist, Nikita Mikhalkov executes is masterful also a reprise I go - meal, not to a fistula, and I will drive - I will not lower sounds with all shine inherent in it.