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One love on one million

film Action is developed in Moscow and Peter of the beginning 90 - h. The surroundings corresponding - gangsters of different level and nationalities, bottoms - singers and national heroes of the different sexual orientations, expensive hotel room and mad night club, bohemian apartment and a monstrous communal flat, a floor-mat, blood, is a lot of blood, the sucker with a pager and one million false dollars in a sports bag.

protagonists - Mitjaj and Anna, suckers whom gangster Stepanych has decided to substitute. Mitjaj (Ruslan Kurik) - charming razdolbaj, dreaming to open musical shop on Neva, for now trading in disks with Velvet Underground on Apraksinom a court yard, Anja (Lina Mirimsky) - the girl, which simply lives rendering intimate services to lodgers the Astoria . Both of them quickly enough agree to earn one thousand dollars that money from one gangsters will receive and will transfer to another. Well and, naturally, as a result get to a trap of which by the film end safely get out, having had time to presoak one gangster, to substitute another, to splash with blood a wedding dress (Ume Turman greetings), to smoke grasses, to eat mushrooms and to fall in love with each other.

in a film it is not enough recognised persons - Maksimku, morjachka - the speculator, Grigory Sijatvinda, Aron Melkumova, the national singer with a criminal bias, - Vladimir Simonov, Surovtsev, zapojnogo plays the neighbour, the former scout, - Andrey Krasko, here, actually, and all. But the soundtrack which has been picked up by Oleg Nesterov, in which both King Krimson, and " is very recognised and not less original; the Center and Bryan Ino, both The Cure, and Technology singing with its full complement in one of film scenes... And - and here it is truth perfectly - David Bowie who reads the text to prokofevskomu to Petja and the Wolf .