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Dagestan has flashed gold to sawn-off shotguns

At the All-Russia Exhibition Centre yesterday opening of a national exhibition - fairs " has taken place; Books of Russia “. This year “ to Books of Russia “ it is executed ten years. To celebrate anniversary organizers have invited the Republic Dagestan which has become “ the main visitor “ fairs. More compact in comparison with autumn MMKVJA, an exhibition nevertheless will last almost week. Makes comments LIZA - NOVIKOVA.
At exhibition opening only about propagation of reading also spoke. It seemed that publishers and book sellers now will forget about own interests and will be engaged in familiarising of readers to “ fine and eternal “. But have ceased solemn speeches, otdymila pyrotechnics - and monsters of publishing business have opened the stands, more and more two-storeyed, and have landed on them the authors to subject those public “ to promotion “. This year all as usual: Many media characters like Pavel Astakhov or Andrey Malakhov. It is a lot of “ zhanrovikov “ whether it be fantasts or detektivshchiki. However, and the habitual set of sign literary names too is present: Dmitry Bykov, the editor-in-chief of magazine “ the Sac - SV “ Alexander Kabakov, Yury Mamleyev, Michael Shishkin. Promise Valentine Rasputina whom 70 - summer anniversary at fair have already started to mark. Performances of all these authors are stretched for all week - so in what day will come, somebody yes will find.

to be responsible for reading propagation have invited sociologists. On opened within the limits of an exhibition - conference fairs “ following the results of the all-Russian sociological research ` Reading for children and teenagers ` “ they should predict, whether will be 57 - j the pavilion is so filled years edak through ten - fifteen. Known sociologist Boris Dubin addressing to to conference did not encourage, but also did not act hysterically. It has simply cited the different interesting data, including about such here dependences: the more in a family of books, the better in it a psychological climate. Whether direct here or return - the sociologist has not specified dependence. However, with children`s programs at our book fairs always all is not bad. Children here remember - even on the poster the small Dagestan boy reading on - russki is represented. And if parents manage to spend easy the crumbs by horrible “ djad and aunts “ that compose about “ managers “ and about “ ironical detectives “ here it is quite possible “ to be loaded “ quantity of books, quite sufficient for improvement of a psychological climate in a family.

already at opening ceremony public have warned that the basic share of the Russian book publishing is necessary on two our capitals. Could not speak: all and so it is clear. You come in 57 - j pavilion, and there on the left - multi-coloured stands, and to the right - modest numbers regionalshchikov. Unless provincial book sellers compete with Muscovites in scale of expositions. However, in the centre - all the reconciling Dagestan. Local scribes have brought many albums and many editions of Rasula Gamzatova - all it, and at the same time both balharskuju and untsukulskuju woodcarving they presented ceramics under national songs and dancings.

“ books of Russia “ confirm the most ordinary representations about a difference between capitals and remote places. Nevertheless on these modest numbers where names of publishing houses are designated on badly pasted pieces of paper, frequently and you find the most curious exhibits. And and capital academic publishing houses have settled down there and then, far away from “ parkway “. Here, for example, two Novosibirsk “ anthologies of one poem “ “ From Donna to Odena “ and “ The well-known unknown persons “ “ the Circle of skilful children “ Nikolay Olejnikova (Petersburg “ Detgiz “), 4 - languid “ History of Japanese poetry “ Alexander Dolina (“ the Hyperion “), “ Free culture “ Lawrence Lessiga (“ the Pragmatist of culture “). On a choice - Freud`s collected works (“ East - the European institute of psychoanalysis “ has just let out volume “ the Paranoia “), Voloshin (“ Ellis - the Varnish “) or Solzhenitsyna (“ Time “).

Today at an exhibition - fair ID “ “ together with ID “ Peter “ presents the joint project of books on business. Paper versions of the the Internet - diaries will present cult in the αλξγεπϋ environment (publishing house “ TSentrpoligraf “) . Tomorrow representatives “ thick “ literary magazines will discuss “ features of language of the modern Russian literature “ and the award “ the Paragraph “ names the worst editors and translators.