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From eyes down with - from a chart

History about the former soloist bojz - a band which on a wave of the general hobby of a retro again have dragged on a scene. The deal is that: Hugh Grant plays handsome man Alex who in the late seventies sang in group pops carried fitting white overalls and under a disco - rhythms danced on the stylish it is black - a white geometrical background. A kind on the world to it then dimmed unimaginable length a bang and girls who were ready to break off it on a part. However, as it often happens, has passed time, and darling the pretty girl has appeared out of work. During any moment its existence is remembered by producers. From bottoms - the veteran one is required only - that he wrote good songs. But here a trouble: with music at Alex everything is all right, and here well to put words it is impossible well in any way. And here in his life there is Sofi (Drju Berrimor), the talented and sharp-witted young person, capable to rivet smash hits simply behind watering of house plants. Preparing for responsible performance, the couple is measured by ambitions, soon adds to the dialogue kisses, and during any moment is in a literal sense filled up under a grand piano. Eventually music and love win. A happy end and the world glory.

actually cinema not absolutely about a retro. It is removed all about the same about what tells any recent film from Hugh Grantom. The last some years offer it role of the former young men which only by forty years have reflected on the life, the lost, got confused pretty girls whom the woman, and only one rescues from depression and a bottle, instead of one - other ten as earlier. It is capable to estimate not popularity and a cute muzzle, and goodheartedness and tenderness of the pensioner, the nice guy with blue eyes. Such here gerontofilija.

This film is capable simultaneously both to entice, and to frighten of almost indecent concentration of stars. Sharon Stone and Demi Moore, Martin Shin and Christian Slejter, Harry Belafonte, Helen Hunt and others same - all in number of twenty two. And all right they would play to a costume epopee. So is not present, the most well-known actors represent the most usual, ordinary Americans. Anthony Hopkins, for example, - the most modest pensioner, the former porter of hotel. And in what other film you saw, that Sharon Stone (not too happy beautician in marriage) brushed Demi Moore? Last, truth, plays a variety star, but fallen, destroyed by alcohol that, undoubtedly, gives to it to humanity. And in aggregate we receive a portrait of America of the sample of 1968.

film action occurs within one day in los - andzhelesskom hotel Ambassador - that June day, when in that Ambassadore directly on a way to a presidential armchair to the White house Bobbi, Robert Kennedy has been killed. This day the epoch mad and excentric the sixtieth with their cult of freedom has come to an end, with their illusion of harmony - and the era of cynicism, conservatism, simply stupid indifference has begun.