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Players in the Center of Vs. Mejerholda

Davnym - for a long time the student of GITIS Sergey Zhenovach has played a monument to Gogol in degree performance All time for a frost . Eyewitnesses confirm: similarity was stunning. Perhaps, since then, and can be, and even earlier the director has like love to the classic. With the very first fomenkami with whom has begun in 90 - h theatre Peter Fomenko`s Workshop it when - that put Vladimir of III degree - performance then long did not descend from repertoire. Now Zhenovach, itself become by the father of theatrical family (brought up by it aktersko - the director`s course has turned two years ago to independent theatre), puts Players - the short play in which card swindle is erected in a rank almost that the mystical. However the director asserts that Gogol plunged in dark to be issued also that the main thing in its play - not Devils, horror stories and grotesque and human stories. To embody human stories of card sharpers to Sergey Zhenovachu all man`s part of troupe of Studio of theatrical art and artist Alexander Borovsky who has established on a scene nine ancient card-tables will help almost.

Russian jam in to School of the modern play
School of the modern play lets out Lyudmila Ulitsky written specially for troupe of Joseph Rajhelgauza`s the first play. On that place where on posters it is accepted to specify a statement genre, in this case it is written Afterchekhov - that is the author at all does not hide, and, on the contrary, in every possible way underlines that Russian jam it is welded under recipes of the great Russian playwright.

the main heroine, Chekhovian Ranevskaya`s obvious and close relative, Tatyana Vasileva, and her brother - Albert Filozov plays. Is in the play and three sisters - daughters of the heroine, their husbands, children and other members of household. All this axiomatic company gathers on a dilapidated summer residence where on a plate cherry jam cooks, and infinite conversations " are had; for life :

- And gardens! What gardens were! When the great-grandfather has bought local manor, here there were the gardens known across all Russia.

-... But as to gardens, excuse... When Lepyokhin bought the local earths, gardens have definitively degenerated .