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The guarantee contribution

last week has come into force the law increasing the size of insurance compensation under contributions of private persons in banks from 190 thousand of rbl. to 400 thousand of rbl. According to Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), the long-awaited law completely guarantees safety of contributions even more than 1,5 million the citizens who have placed in banks the large sums.
reliability indicator
On the beginning of year in almost one thousand the banks entering into system of insurance of contributions, it has been placed 3,8 trln rbl. of means of citizens. For last year when the insurance sum has been raised to 200 thousand rbl., the volume of deposits grew mainly at the expense of large contributions. It became the basic argument in favour of guarantee increase at acceptance by deputies of amendments to the law About insurance of contributions of citizens .

it would Seem, inverse relationship - advancing rate of increase of quantity of the contributions which are not exceeding the sum of the insurance here should operate. However to investors it became obvious closely in the set frameworks. According to ASV, the quantity of new contributions in volume to 200 thousand rbl. following the results of the second and third quarters 2006 has grown only on 2,2 %, whereas larger - on 25,4 %. The greatest rates of a gain (27,9 %) for the specified period have shown contributions in the size from 200 thousand to 300 thousand rbl. Experts explain it to that owners of large savings began to split up them for the contributions falling under a guarantee.

general director ASV Alexander Turbanov noticed that recently the agency insured in absolute volume of 88 % of investors, and now this indicator will grow to 95 %. Such level of protection of contributions is recommended the international practice. In absolute figures the security increase is shown even more visually. According to head ASV when the law on insurance of contributions guaranteed the sum of compensation to 100 thousand rbl., it completely protected 16,5 million investors. After the first increase in a guarantee - to 190 thousand rbl. - protected have appeared in addition about 4 million persons, and the second increase - to 400 thousand rbl. - guarantees safety of savings of 1,6 million more owners of contributions.

since coming into force of the law on insurance of contributions (2004) the size of insurance compensation under contributions was reconsidered already twice. In July of last year the sum of the guaranteed contribution has been increased from 100 thousand to 200 thousand rbl. Simultaneously the step scale of payments has been entered: compensation under the contribution to 100 thousand rbl. in case of bankruptcy of bank was paid completely, and within the sum from 100 thousand rbl. to 200 thousand rbl. - 90 %. Therefore the maximum guaranteed compensation under the contribution to 200 thousand rbl. made 190 thousand rbl.

Idea of developers of this offer consisted in completely to protect owners of small contributions, and to large investors to create stimulus more circumspectly to choose bank. It is known that at creation of system of insurance participants of the market were afraid that some banks with problems in balance, using state guarantees, will start to raise interest rates, involving clients. Consequences of bankruptcy of some such banks are known: money of investors disappeared together with shareholders. Some bankers consider till now that with introduction of system of insurance private clients became more careless. with the beginning of work of system of insurance of contributions people to put up steels money in those banks which were included into this system more actively. Thus those who places the small sums in contributions, do not pay attention to the indicators testifying to reliability of bank: ratings, financial results and etc. the Guarantees given by the state, to a steel for citizens the main indicator of reliability, practically having put the large and small banks which have entered into system, on one level - the top - the manager of big bank complains.

Fidelity of the client
Indirectly correctness of small investors proves to be true statistics. According to the chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev, on a share of banks which have lost recently the licence, the extremely insignificant quantity of investors - the tenth shares of percent was necessary. Head ASV Alexander Turbanov also noticed that for all time of existence of agency has been fixed ten insured events with banks. Their clients were all 2,5 thousand investors which have received from ASV 37 million rbl. of compensation.

but solid bankers stake on fidelity of the big clients. for those who places great sums, a major factor at a bank choice on - former is its reliability, an accessory to state structures, the information on shareholders - the head of department of methodology and development of passive and commission operations VTB 24 Julia Demenjuk speaks.

From - for such clients the decision to lift an insurance lath also was accepted. In January ASV, having analysed the market, has suggested to raise the sum of the guaranteed contribution to 300 thousand rbl. Deputies of the State Duma Vladislav Reznik and Anatoly Aksakov have submitted the bill for consideration bank committee, but then have put forward idea to increase a guarantee to 400 thousand rbl. (the chairman of the State Duma and in combination the leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov has supported completely then a social initiative of party fellows). ASV it was necessary to overestimate anew possibilities of fund of insurance of contributions as at the same time the agency planned to lower the size of deductions of banks in fund. Moreover, deputies suggested to solve at first a question on increase in guarantees at least to 600 thousand rbl. and only after that to be engaged in banks, but ASV could overpersuade them. The agency board of directors has approved guarantee increase only to 400 thousand rbl. But has considered possible to lower since July, 1st of this year the rate of deductions in fund of insurance for banks from quarterly 0,15 % (the maximum size established by the law on insurance of contributions) to 0,13 %.

Insurance on - russki
According to trustee Rajffajzenbanka Romana Vorobeva, immediate effect in the form of increase in quantity of large contributions right after increases of guarantees will not be.

we count first of all on increase in the average sums of contributions. Most likely, already existing investors will open new contributions or to fill up the deposits - Promsvjazbanka Lydia Herzen believes the deputy director of department of development of retail business. Expect growth of deposits and in VTB 24. Increase of an insurance covering promotes growth of trust of the population to bank system and, is undoubtedly, positively reflected in inflow of contributions - Julia Demenjuk believes. She has noticed that now in bank the share of the contributions exceeding 200 thousand of rbl., makes 40 %, and 20 more % exceed 400 thousand rbl.

the Data of bankers confirms and ASV: according to agency, in the largest retail banks with volume of the involved means of private persons from 10 mlrd rbl. (such, by data Interfax - TSEA on the beginning of year was 38) large deposits prevailed, contributions to 200 thousand rbl. made only 26,7 % from total number of deposits of private persons. At banks with the sum of means of private persons from 1 mlrd to 10 mlrd rbl. of such contributions was 36,3 %. Most of all small contributions to the Savings Bank: the share of contributions to 200 thousand rbl. in it made 62,1 %.

On garantirovannosti contributions Russia seriously overtakes many former neighbours in the USSR - the new insurance will correspond about $15 thousand Ukraine which has recently raised insurance compensation, guarantees contributions at the rate about $5 thousand As much guarantee in Armenia, and in Kazakhstan - to $3 thousand

Now in fund of insurance of contributions already 41,2 mlrd rbl., by the end of the year it will reach 68 - 70 mlrd rbl. of Zamgendirektora ASV Andrey Melnikov noticed that now means of fund will suffice on simultaneously to pay off with clients about 500 smallest Russian banks. But at least one of the large credit organisations of means of fund on - former has not enough for a covering of risks. For example, only in VTB 24 it is accumulated nearby 70 mlrd rbl. of deposits of private persons, not to mention the Savings Bank from it more than 2 trln rbl. of contributions. And the decision of board of directors ASV on increase in guarantees under contributions and simultaneous decrease in deductions of banks in insurance fund testifies that in the bank market do not expect in the near future system crises.