Rus News Journal


the Meeting with Modigliani . The exhibition is spent within the limits of open festival of arts chereshnevyj wood / till June, 17th
the Epoch Merovingov - Europe without borders / till May, 13th

Tarquinii and Lukretsija . Peter Pauel Rubens/ till April, 30th

the State Tretyakov gallery

White gold / till May, 27th

Conceiving realism / till April, 14th

Alexander Ivanov. bible sketches / till April, 29th

the State Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft

the Lost masterpieces of Russian art from private American collections . Auction house Sotheby ` s/ till April, 4th

Alexander Volkov. Painting, a drawing/ till April, 22nd

the State Tretyakov gallery. showroom in Tolmachah

to See the world changed . Olga Rozanova (1886 - 1918)/ till May, 21st

the Historical museum

the Live exposition / till July, 4th

Love and an Eros in ancient art / till April, 20th

1917: Kerensky and Lenin. At a crossroads of historical destinies / till April, 9th

the Kremlin

Treasures of the Forbidden city from meeting of the Chinese emperors / till June, 3rd

the Literary museum

Violent Roots . To 125 - letiju from the date of K.I.Chukovsky`s birth/ till July, 30th

the Museum of personal collections

Oscar Rabin, Valentine Kropivnitsky, Alexander Rabin/ till May, 20th



Yury Babich. Led Digital/ till April, 21st

Night flight / till April, 21st

Olja Lyalin, Dragan Espenscied/ till April, 21st

Alexey Shulgin, Aristarch Tchernyshev. digital history of the modern art. Painting returning / till April, 21st

Vladimir Kuprijanov. Fisticuffs. Vyatka / till April, 21st

Victor Frejdenberg. Transflowers / till April, 21st


Project Revenge of Ellen a background of Unvert/ till May, 15th - in gallery the Victory

Gari Tatintsjana Gallery

Hunky Dory (all in azhure) / till April, 20th

Gallery pop/ off/ art

Aladin Garunov. Self/ till April, 14th

Krokin - gallery

Vladimir Kuzmin and Ursula Molitor/ till April, 22nd

Stella Art Gallery

Kollektsija Muzeja Zigmunda Freud (Vienna). Ilya Kabakov, Dzhenni Holtser, George Herold, etc./ till May, 15th


Simeon Agroskin. painting School / till May, 24th

the Fashion and style in a photo - 2007

Gallery the Eye

Evfrosina Lavruhina. Titania/ till April, 27th

Gallery Zurab

Fransuaza Juge. Forgetting about a fashion / till April, 29th

the Calendar of Pirelli - 2007 / till April, 29th

Club on Brest

Natasha Vasileva - Hull. photocinema / till April, 4th

the Petrovsky passage

Operate dream . Projects of magazines AD/ Collezioni/ ELLE/ Esqire/ the Interior + Design / L ` Ofiiciel/ Madame Figaro/ Maxim/ Russia/ Playboy Wedding/ till May, 5th

TSVZ the Arena

fashion Theatre / till May, 10th

Norman Parkinson. the Retrospective show / till May, 10th

Pierre and Zhil / till April, 6th