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Vladimir Makanin`s Latest book has appeared shockingly causing. The writer to whom the place in presidium of modern domestic literature which in Frankfurt said almost the Nobel importance speech from all delegation rospisatelej which, at last, has celebrated recently solid anniversary for a long time already is taken away, has suddenly let out the collection erotiko - satirical stories about adventures of the elderly summer resident. Moreover in primodnennom registration, with a Latin letter S in the name, as if at any Oksana Robski, and a word her on cover. And all it - by an anniversary and despite of the Frankfurt presidiums! Very many critics of the senior generation were indignant outright: the author Kljuchareva and Alimushkina the Manhole the Underground and the author the Fright have been declared by different people. And the boiling degree was high, as some fragments of the book were already published throughout last five years in the New world (so time borders the Fright are washed a little away: action occurs in 1990 - h, prolonged up to now).
the hero - already familiar to us on the same " has undergone to the Basic obstruction main makaninsky; to the Underground Petrovich. Zakosivshy whether under old man Kozlodoeva, whether under mythological satire, the character the whole nights wandered on settlement and, using the darkness which has been established through an oversight of Chubays, got into beds to zazevavshimsja to summer residents whom he esteemed whether basts, whether nymphs. Sometimes Petrovich knew where climbs, sometimes was mistaken a summer residence, sometimes pretended to be that was mistaken. lidusja the old man welcomed, Vick has mixed it with the husband, he has mixed one more young woman with Alkoj, Anja has paid to it compulsory treatment in paid clinic. And the nomenclature daughter of Dasha in October 1993 - go even took it with itself in the White house. The dose was necessary to the young addict, and Petrovich has had time to reflect on a vanity of all putsches and even more strongly to anger the public. Petrovich, with its passion to classification, allocates the nymphs with well-aimed enough characteristics: Sorokovnik!. The most spiteful age. Nemerenye claims to life. And kindness has not accumulated yet . Sometimes, truth, in heroines here you are confused, but, if to consider the general quantitative overweight of the female population, it is possible to consider this situation quite ordinary.

it is surprising only that very few critics have paid attention to the most fascinating stylistic excesses the author and its heroes. Makanin managed one uneasy landscape operation of which other authors, for example Oleg Zajonchkovsky dreamt also. But it has turned out only at 70 - the summer classic: it has laid in Gogol a jungle buninskie Avenues . To begin with he has seen in a usual housing estate ominously - the magic world, that is the reality remained, but it as though slightly flickers. All these eternally scared touching old men pomeshchichki to which the capital relatives run behind gathering of their tribute monstruoznye, all these witches who have yearned on lodgers - the summer residents, all these pannochki from new Russian palaces. And even the unfortunate nephew Petrovicha who has come back from the Chechen Republic contused Olezhka, kazhet itself the werewolf - differently how to reconcile that the young guy thrown out from life pulls out every night a hole in a garden to take cover there as if in an entrenchment.

and here to it ljudu that is granted to all sad, grotesque, a comical sensuality. The author " knew after all; Dark avenues to which too, by the way, was under 70, than to console readers of the post-war world. Means it has not lost the effectiveness. On the TV - continuous pre-election debate (and it is not so important, 1993 - whether j or what other year on a court yard). And makaninskim to heroes, whether it be the become puzzled old men or insolent youth to wait for something new it is not necessary. Unless from the Russian literature. It would be desirable, of course, something similar to pleasures of urbanistic prose, with its waterpipe, the water drain and heating. Let even in a damage prirodnosti, to a corporality and an other carnival. But, as they say, it is not necessary to choose.

Vladimir Makanin. A fright. M: Geleos, 2007