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the Segment of leasing of building technics grows advancing rates in comparison with the market. Appeal of a segment conducts to competition increase, at the same time stimulates investment in branch. BG and expert RA have revealed the largest and most dynamically developing companies in the market of building leasing.
the volume of new business of the Russian market of leasing has grown in 2006 on 83 % and has made $14,7 billion Some segments of the market, however, grew advancing rates: the gain of leasing of building technics has made approximately 90 %, and dorozhno - the building technics - 130 %. In total amount of new business of the leasing companies the leasing segment dorozhno - the building technics in 2006 has made 3,85 %, a segment of other building technics - 5,21 %. In absolute figures it according to $550 million and $750 million

Prompt growth of a segment is quite explainable. The building branch of Russia is in great need in scale updating of park of building technics at available shortage of own circulating assets. To the enterprises in the conditions of growth is unprofitable to take from a turn large money resources for the purpose of modernisation and expansion of the basic means. In this situation leasing is the most convenient form of acquisition of building and special technics. Besides, as it is known, leasing, unlike the credit, does not burden balance of the enterprise and allows to save on the profit tax. Besides it the leasing companies have the right to charge the accelerated amortisation about leasing (the factor can reach to 3). It gives lizingopoluchatelju possibility rather quickly to receive property on balance on low (in comparison with initial) residual cost. At last, some leasing companies give the chance to the building enterprises to consider seasonal prevalence of business at technics acquisition in leasing. At the account of seasonal schemes leasing payments are present, but their sum considerably decreases.

for today by means of leasing the building enterprises get all spectrum of technics: the equipment for manufacture of building materials, tower and automobile cranes, betonosmesitelnye installations, podemno - transport cars. As builders aspire to pass as soon as possible a zero cycle, the digging technics uses great demand: dredges, bulldozers and loaders. It is low while demand for the specialised road technics: skating rinks, mills, cars for regeneration and stabilisation of a road cloth, autograders. However with growth of the Russian economy the assortment of the bought equipment should extend.

As well as in many other segments of the market of leasing, in building and dorozhno - the building technics to the most popular still has financial leasing as he allows lizingopoluchatelju to receive upon termination of payments object of leasing in the property and does not demand its returning of the leasing company. Besides, both operative, and returnable leasing of building technics is connected with the big risks. In particular, it is not known, in what condition there will be a subject of leasing after the termination of term of its use lizingopoluchatelem, and also how fast it will be possible to spend it remarketing (sale in the secondary market). There is a risk of that the expensive technics any time will stand idle in a warehouse. And the risk leads to rate increase on leasing therefore this financial tool becomes less attractive for lizingopoluchatelja.

the Competition
As a whole, by estimations of some participants of the market, since 2002 the segment of building technics has grown approximately seven times. And if to consider a growing demand for technics from the building companies and to compare a share and volume of this segment in the leasing market in the developed countries, potential of growth at it still the considerable. Leaders in a leasing segment dorozhno - the building technics in 2006 of a steel of the company VTB - Leasing and Rosdorlizing (see table 1). On a first ten share lizingodatelej, working with dorozhno - building technics, it was necessary more than 60 % of volume of the given segment. In a segment of leasing of other building technics the first places have occupied Interlizing and Uralsib and the share of first ten leasing companies also has made 60 % from volume of new business in a segment. In 2006 in the leasing market the competition between lizingodateljami which try to expand spheres of the activity for a business diversification has considerably amplified. Competition strengthening has mentioned as well a segment of leasing of building technics: from 109 companies participating in research of agency Expert RA more than 70 work and in the specified segment.

TORAHS - 10 leasing companies in a leasing segment dorozhno - the building technics

TORAHS - 10 leasing companies in a segment of leasing of other building technics