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The circle has become isolated

the Future external transport ring of Moscow, TSKAD which even on a paper exists in rather approximate variant, already spoils life to one land owners and forms prospects of development of business by another. The road will be constructed - with it already nobody argues, especially considering that fact, as to build - that essentially new it is necessary nothing, it is required to expand already available asphalt two-strip only.

but building of any road to Russia turns to fight with world around, and, certainly, in this fight there are winners and lost. Winners do not hide persons. Here they, build warehouses and the gas station along the future highway and wait podrjadov on building of the road. For them TSKAD - new Eldorado. Clearly, what exactly on this strip of the earth which have surrounded Moscow, the next three years will concentrate the lion`s share a priori highly remunerative projects. They, actually at the expense of budgetary funds, on some usages have improved quality of mastered territories, after all a condition of roads situated near Moscow - one of the main reasons of non-uniform development of region.

but will be and lost - who on a trifle, and who and on - large. On - small owners of the country sites which have got to a zone of alienation will lose, - for them will persistently ask to look for other place for amateur cultivation of cabbage. The large landowners, not ready to divide the territories under road building will more seriously suffer. It is simple to guess, whom I mean. Vasily Bojko`s arrest, the owner of the company the vashfinansovyj trustee (VFP), became the most important event in the developer market. Its detention and election of arrest as a preventive punishment - a signal to other land owners. That Vasily Vadimovicha took for a deceit simple ruzskih peasants, differently as and it is impossible to name mockery at the businessman: The repayment of shares of the ruined state farm and nearby did not lie with consolidation of papers of Brotherly aluminium factory, corporate war on Irkutskenergo and other known operations of head VFP. Funny and that one of its opponents - the official of the local administration which have sold literally near by the mister Smartly sites round village Mamoshino, standing in territory future TSKAD, - now also pines in a pre-trial detention centre. And, on hearings, there was it there not without the aid of lawyers VFP. And the earth as a result has got to those who observed all this time of fight from outside.