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Businessmen of a vault

In the beginning of March authorities of the capital have confirmed the concept of development of underground space of Moscow. Till 2010 the share of underground building should grow to 15 %, and in the most places through passage there will be some shopping centres similar to Ohotnij rjad . Business for investors.
there is no place in the sun
Though in capital a share of the areas, suitable for building in city boundaries, is low, on volumes of underground building Moscow lags behind other world megacities. In department of a town-planning policy of Moscow BG have told that last five years the number of underground buildings has made only 8 % from all erected objects while in Europe almost it is three times more. However, even 8 % are not absolutely correct number. In it it is considered not only actually underground real estate, but also underground parts of structures towering over the earth. To entice investors under the earth the city authorities tried time and again. So, even at the time of building underground TTS Ohotnij rjad projects similar to it have been announced some. For example, there were conversations on underground shopping centre TSarev a garden which should appear at the Moskvoretsk bridge, on a place of the former merchant warehouses. It was simultaneously told and about occurrence of underground shopping centre nearby to Kursk station. Within the limits of this project underground it was planned to place approximately 200 shops, and also a multiplex on nine halls. But any of these objects has not appeared. Behind an exception unless Tver passage under a Pushkin Square which, however, good luck of underground building of trading objects you will not name.

the second wave of intentions to sell to investors underground space has swept about two years ago. Three global underground projects with an extensive trading part (on a Pushkin Square - no more than 62 thousand sq. M, on the area of the Tver outpost and under New Arbatom), probably, soon will start to be under construction. Anyway, a spadework on the area of the Tver outpost has already begun. Most likely, the underground space of a complex " will be mastered also; Moscow - City (where among the other the shopping centre on 150 thousand sq. will take place, and also is constructed chetyrehurovnevyj an underground trading complex under the Marsh area (30 thousand sq.) which is a project component Gold island . Two More the planned underground project - at Paveletsky station (120 thousand sq.) and under the Smolensk area.

but in the mayoralty say that it only the beginning. In the first decade of March of this year the concept of development of the underground space has been accepted, assuming till 2010 to master underground 1,8 - 3 mlrd sq. m of different function. The concept provides creation not less than 25 projects interfaced to trade. Besides already named multipurpose underground complexes can appear on Crimean to a shaft, on the Old, Triumphal, Tourist`s Genevsky and Jauzsky areas. The space between hotels " can be built up; Metropol and Moscow and also under the Parkway ring, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, the prospectus of Academician Saharova, the Drainage channel and near to some metro stations and the railway.

talents in the earth
purely technically these plans are quite realizable. In Moscow scale contract works of such profile can organise and spend some tens the companies, most known of them - mosinzhstroj and Metrostroj and also Enka, Hohtif, Strabag and Kodest Engineering. Experience of attraction of subcontractors of a different profile for their performance too is available. As remember in mosinzhstroe which was in due time genpodrjadchikom buildings TTS Ohotnij rjad Diversity of similar objects initially assumes participation of experts of a different profile. Therefore on the same Ohotnij rjad worked more than 50 subcontractors (the SOU - 5 Metrostroja Ingeokom and many other things). Specificity of works is familiar also to developers. So, concern Africa Israel Investment Ltd., which includes the company Strojinkom - To (realises the project on the area of the Tver outpost), participated in building of several similar objects. As the general manager projects " speaks; Strojinkom - To Michael Dorfman, one of complexities - to level internal underground pressure: under building TTS it is required to take out nearby 1,2 - 1,3 million tons of a ground that three times exceeds weight of the most future object. However, as the director Scientifically - research confirms, design - prospecting and konstruktorsko - institute of technology of the bases and underground constructions (NIIOSP a name of Gersevanova) Valery Petruhin, modern geotechnologies and forecasting methods allow to provide reliability and safety of underground building of any scales and in any geospecifications.

other business financing questions. According to the concept of development of underground space, the city is ready to spend for these purposes about $10 million Clearly that $400 thousand on each shopping centre is a ridiculous sum, it will not suffice even on predesign preparation.

and investors in projects will involve first of all an arrangement future underground mollov. Consumer potential of areas at metro stations Pushkin and Belarus it is very high. The day human stream here is so intensive that pays back high cost of building of the underground centres. The cost price reaches to $2 thousand for sq. m, but also profitableness of the areas reaches 30 - 40 % a year.

according to the first deputy of the head of Department of a town-planning policy, development and reconstruction of Moscow Konstantin Korolevsky, such objects can be more favourable land in respect of operation. Settling down below an average mark of a point promerzanija - for Moscow it is 2,5 m, - they are in a zone of constant temperatures. As a result such objects more energoeffektivny, than land constructions - he speaks.

and still the full cost price of underground building can leave far for frameworks $2 thousand for sq. m. According to the general director of the company Ingeokom each underground circle does building more expensively approximately on 30 %, and since the third circle expenses grow in a geometrical progression. As a result, for example, the cost price of building underground chetyrehurovnevogo the centre on the Smolensk area is estimated in $4 - 5 thousand for sq. m. But also it not all. From - for specificity of underground building total expenses can is unpredictable to increase. As a result it is necessary to leave the project. For this reason in Moscow there was no majority from announced in the end of 1990 - h years of objects. For example, according to experts of company Jones Lang LaSalle (the company is the adviser of the project on the Tver outpost), budget TTS which should appear in the neighbourhood with hotel the Golden Ring it was cut down so what to build it in general has lost any meaning.

we will remind that TTS Ohotnij rjad on which building it has been involved about $350 million, it was planned to make more than present 62 thousand in sq. m. The same situation has developed and with future TTS under a Pushkin Square (investments should make about $160 million, the developer - trading - dosugovyj the centre Tver ) . From it have already excluded an underground cinema together with an entertaining zone, and all space will be occupied with exclusively trading part though it is primary at a total area of the project of 96 thousand in sq. m on a trading zone together with the entertaining was planned to take away 36 thousand in sq. m.

a little independently in this number costs underground moll which building is planned under New Arbatom (the designer and the customer of all project should be defined till the end of July). According to experts, despite all popularity of a line, from the point of view of realisation under it of the scale trading project it is less interesting, than a Pushkin Square or the area of the Tver outpost.

as the general director of the company " believes; MIAN - Development Anatoly Morozov, active popularisation of underground projects - a step is faster political, rather than economically justified. And it equally concerns also land objects of real estate with a strongly pronounced underground part. Some time ago the company considered possibility of participation in one of such projects which underground part it was planned to use for the organisation of trading space. However after economic calculations MIAN - Development this idea has refused. Among being nowadays in work the company of objects has only one with a spacious underground part - office centre of a class And around Vernadsky`s prospectus. in it the three-level underground zone which will be used as a parking is provided, - mister Morozov speaks. - and as this object is erected on a place of not completed building, for frameworks before the underground level put in it we do not leave that facilitates a problem a little. But even thus I consider that the underground part of works on this object is extremely difficult and demands the big financial expenses - and total investments into building are estimated in $100 million What to speak about building from zero of those objects which will appear on a Pushkin Square or on New Arbate .

do not count on superprofits and the developers who are carrying out building of the underground centres. As have explained in Mirax Group (the developer of the project on the Smolensk area), the underground centre is interesting to the company it is not so much in the economic plan, how many as possibility to gain new, unusual experience of building . Whether there will be other so not mercantile investors and on other projects planned by the Moscow authorities, it becomes clear in the near future.

Garage on a warehouse
Making comments on the concept of development of capital underground space, the first deputy of the head of department of a town-planning policy of development and reconstruction of Moscow Konstantin Korolevsky has informed BG that in the long term underground it is possible to place to 70 % of all garages and 80 % of warehouse. The first part nedoumeny does not cause in investors. For example, last year specially for participation in tenders for building of underground garage complexes the Russian division of French company Vinci Park has created joint venture with the Moscow institute of garage building. It plans to invest to $300 million in building and operation of such objects, in particular in underground parking in Color parkway, and also to participate in similar projects under hotel Metropol the Tver street, the Triumphal and Lubjansky areas. A time of recovery of outlay of similar parking - about five years.

At the same time the idea to place underground the logistical centres is not so popular, as not getting to a category of active demand. On similar technology some belonging Ministers of Defence armouries, and also the premises used for storage of some substances of a special category are constructed only. According to the analysts, triple increase of the cost price of building of inherent for any underground objects will not pay back. Besides additional investments will demand the organisation of vertical communications (lifts and travelatory) for free moving of cargo and the personnel between underground and land spaces. Therefore, as experts speak, investors will be interested more likely by the logistical centres which have been taken out for city boundaries, than placed under the earth.