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Widely closed doors

the Paradoxical thing - the western hotel networks having in hundreds, and even thousand objects worldwide, are presented to Russia in pair - a three of hotels. And it against explosive demand for qualitative hotel services in the Russian cities and developed higher, than in Europe, a price level on them. Under forecasts of officials, in 2008 only in Moscow the new hotel every day will open. However only individual projects will bear names of known western networks.
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In 2007 we will open 15 new hotels, and in the following - already 100, it is actually new hotel each three days - the assistant to the capital mayor Joseph Ordzhonikidze shares plans for development of hotel business in Moscow.

Participants of the market are adjusted less optimistically. In their opinion, mayoralty plans hardly it is fated to come true in the set terms. For this purpose already now under building of hotels should be allocated much more platforms, it is rather than actually issued now.

Complexities with the statement of the predesign documentation in capital on - former are tested hardly probable not by all developers without dependence from that niche of the market of real estate in which they work. One name, even world famous to open doors of necessary offices it is not possible. According to participants of the market, by 2009 in capital of hotels becomes more, but not on 115, and on 30 - 40 objects. Among them under a brand of the western hotel networks - ten is less than hotels.

the main reason of slow development of the international hotel networks in Russia is an absence of hotels of sites approaching under building, and also a large quantity of the administrative barriers shown to developers.

after all foreign hotel networks do not plan to put up the money in the Russian real estate. Their business - to operate, instead of to build. And here to operate in Moscow (and in other cities of the country) while it especially nothing them.

Arrival to Russia western hotel networks has coincided with rotary in their strategy of development by the moment. Networks have started to sell own name and on the franchise, and also on management of hotel business, - Vadim Prasov, the vice-president of Federation of victualers and otelerov explains. - Hotels under known names belong to other proprietors. From the western hotel networks at them in most cases only a name and a management company. Networks seldom put up in real estate own money .

Last statement is fair for the world market otelerov in general and for Russia especially. High vzjatkoemkost building business in Moscow simply does not allow the network companies even to think of own investments into building - prospect to be got mixed up in corruption scandal brings to nothing all economic reasons of similar action.

the high cost price of building caused both a corruption component, and dearness of building materials (the most part of internal furnish should be imported), has led to that class hotels two - three stars in Moscow at all do not build.

the project time of recovery of outlay will be that more than more low a hotel class. Accordingly, the increase in cost of unit of number fund owing to aspiration of builders to raise zvezdnost hotel will lead to reception bolshego the income in comparison with hotels ekonomklassa, - Sergey Baranov, the head of department of investments of the company " tells; Relight - Development . - The bottom price lath of hotels business - a class today - not less than 4 - 4,5 thousand roubles a day for number. Even at such prices, by our calculations, the recoupment of such project will come in four years, and the profit level will reach 15 - 20 % a year .

It turns out that in comparison with construction and sale of elite habitation of hotel much less profitable project.

despite high enough Moscow prices for number fund, tariffs continue to grow. Even in such ambiguous hotels, as, for example, a complex Izmajlovo . So, for 2006 of the price for numbers there have grown on some positions twice depending on number level. And fastest rose in price in Izmajlovo the most accessible on a room rate.

accordingly as participants of the market consider, it is not necessary to expect that opening of new hotels will reduce the prices for number fund. At least, the next five years.

All of them still spin
Nevertheless foreigners slowly get into the Russian hotel business. This year in the country hotel network Four Seasons will start to work, and it starts with the sign project which does not need representation, - hotel Moscow . Four Seasons will be engaged in management of hotel right after how it will be recreated (the project it is financed Deutsche Bank at a rate of $600 million).

in the summer of 2007 one more hotel should join the Russian network Hilton under control of this western hotel network. Speech about reconstructed high-rise hotel Leningrad . It will place in operation under a new name - Hilton - Leningrad .

On a place of the former hotel Minsk to the beginning of 2009 will construct a multipurpose complex with five-star hotel (it will cope InterContinental Hotels Group) on 205 numbers and offices on 16 thousand in sq. m. Finances the project bank the Russian credit belonging to holding Unibarks . The last also actually posesses a hotel complex Central in the Tver street which all after reconstruction will get in management to the same InterContinental Hotels Group. For object restoration it is planned to spend a $200 million order that will help to transform a hotel complex into luxurious hotel of a class lux with a trading zone and an underground parking. The hotel area thus will increase to 55 thousand in sq. m. At the same time Central will rename, having returned it the pre-revolutionary name Lux Hotel .

building of the new case of five-star hotel on 207 numbers was started by World trade centre in Moscow. In management will be engaged Crowne Plaza (enters in InterContinental Hotels Group). Under the same brand - Crowne Plaza - the hotel located here " will work after reconstruction; International .

Now all 577 numbers International and also a hotel hall are reconstructed according to the international quality standards InterContinental Hotels Group. By the end of current year will put in operation eight of 13 floors of hotel. However reconstruction is conducted stage by stage, and International continues to receive visitors and now.

Hotel network Starwood Hotels has begun expansion on the Russian hotel market with St.-Petersburg. In 2008 the boutique first in the Eastern Europe - hotel W Hotel here will open. Building reconstruction near to the Isaakievsky cathedral (to the address the Voznesensky prospectus, 6), calculated on 130 numbers, is engaged the developer company of the River of E.D.Neobhodimye of $30 million financed the Savings Bank. Starwood Hotels and Resorts the money in object does not put and only will be engaged in management of hotel. Thus, the Petersburg hotel becomes 22 - m in the world and the hotel first in Russia under brand W Hotel.

opening Plans in Petersburg the boutique - hotel is also at company Rezidor SAS Hospitality. The company has already concluded the contract for design works with house Missoni, but cannot agree with the proprietor of object of real estate yet, therefore the exact address of the future hotel is not called.

to open four-star hotel under brand Crowne Plaza in Petersburg the well-known network InterContinental Hotels Group gathers also. It is a question of the former Nikolsky`s place of the market in city centre. The Russian company Rastor Management will be engaged in reconstruction. The general director of the company - the developer - eks - the director of hotel Baltic Andrey Yakunin is going to invest in the project of $70 - 90 million Crowne Plaza will be engaged in management of object.

Opening of two hotels in St.-Petersburg on money of the Russian investors appears also in plans of international network Holiday Inn. According to the vice-president on strategic development InterContinental Hotels Group (structural division Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts) in Russia and in Ukraine Michael Cooper, current year is planned hotel opening in Samara, and also agreement signing on building till the end of 2008 of hotels in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk. Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts in 2008 - 2010 is going to operate hotels under own brand in Nizhni Novgorod, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Rostov, and also in Sochi and Kazan.

it is possible to consider as an exception to the rules the European company Orco Property Group. It is ready to enclose within 2007 in purchase of the Russian hotels {euro} 250 million and even much more if affairs go well.

the First hotel of a network under brand MaMaison Hotels and Apartments will receive visitors in May of this year. It Pokrovka Suite Hotel on Pokrovka. The hotel on 86 numbers enters in ofisno - a hotel complex Pokrovsk gate constructed on a place of the former hotel Ural Mountains . According to participants of the market, the builder - the company System - the Tack company Orco has received from Orco Property Group for a hotel part of a complex about $40 million

Now is engaged in search of other suitable objects. Besides Moscow interests MaMaison Hotels and Apartments extend also to St.-Petersburg and regions. The company considers possibility of purchase of a small Russian hotel network. However the real estate which is meeting the requirements Orco, it is a little even in Moscow: the company works in a segment lux .

According to some information, now Orco Property Group carries on negotiations for acquisition of not completed hotel on 56 numbers around the Tagansky area. Besides, employees of the company look for in capital suitable hotel on 200 numbers. Moscow takes the second place after Tokyo in a world rating of the prices for hotel services, employees Orco remind, explaining that they in Russia seriously and for a long time.

Besides, ground plans of 20 hotels in Russia declared one of the largest private companies of Europe British London and Regional Properties. Till 2010 the company plans to invest in this market of $500 million own means.

the company completes ofisno - a hotel complex in Novosibirsk with category hotel four stars on 185 numbers, and also four-star hotel on 270 numbers on Vasilevsky island in Petersburg. Opening is planned for summer of this year. The Finnish network spa - hotels Holiday Club will operate both hotels.

the Site under hotel building is bought London and Regional Properties in Rostov-on-Don. In two years there there will be a class hotel three stars not less than on 200 numbers. It becomes a part hotel - office centre.

Moscow not rubber
London and Regional Properties conducts active searches of suitable platforms also in Voronezh, Samara, Saratov, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Volgograd, Omsk, Ufa, Perm, Kaliningrad and Murmansk. It is supposed that the future hotels in these cities will give to management to such eminent managers, as Hilton, Marriott and InterContinental.

Participants of the market do not exclude possibility of acquisition by company London and Regional Properties the Russian network of hotels Heliopark. To the company already belongs Heliopark Country on Dmitrovsky highway. For it it has been paid $20 million

And it is necessary to recognise, it not the unique company which is interested in hotel real estate, located out of two Russian capitals.

for example, opening in Ekaterinburg of hotel Park Inn has set a lath of work for all hotels of a city. A management company Park Inn it was necessary to face complexities at a personnel set, to their competitors - to be overcome for the clients tempted with higher level of service. As a result level of hotel business of Ekaterinburg as a whole is considered one of the highest in the Russian regions.

now, possibly, hospitality business in Chelyabinsk should change essentially. Network Holiday Inn will replenish with the hotel constructed by a group of companies " in September, 2007; Asia in Chelyabinsk. This four-star hotel on 165 numbers build on river bank Miass. The sum of investments of hotel Holiday Inn Chelyabinsk building makes more than 400 million roubles. The western network will work here under the franchise that will allow to include new hotel in world system of booking of operator ICHG.

two More hotels under brand Holiday Inn in Chelyabinsk are going to construct in city centre - in territory of the former weaving mill (a crossroads of the prospectus of Lenin and Freedom street) and on crossing of streets of Engels and Work. For today it is not defined even etazhnost buildings, it is known only that each hotel will be calculated on 20 numbers.

company Arthurs Hotel Management has signed the contract on management of hotel on 75 numbers Baikal hotel in a city the Uhlan - Ude (Republic Buryatiya). In immediate prospects - opening under brand Arthurs Hotels of the multipurpose complex including hotel on the Leningrad highway in Moscow.

the Whole five hotels of network Kempinski should appear in Krasnodar territory to the prospective Olympic Games in 2012. Realisation of projects of level five stars moreover about a golf - fields than $450 million And own means Kempinski Hotels will demand is not going to put not less. The administration of Krasnodar territory is engaged in selection of investors.

It is supposed that three objects will settle down in Sochi and on one - in areas Arhipo - Osipovki and Gelendzhik. In all hotels Kempinski will be not less than 220 numbers. At the western hotel network strict requirements to a site and the sizes of sites: under hotel it is required an order of the earth of 2 hectares, and for hotel about a golf - fields - not less than 70 hectares. For example, already there was a precedent when Kempinski Hotels has refused the project in Odessa because of an improper platform.

According to the head of department of complex development of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar territory Yury Pozhidaeva, in edge by 2012 should appear 10 - 12 hotels of a category five stars five of which will work under brand Kempinski. Yury Pozhidaev has told that in Kanne the agreement on intentions with company Hermitage Hospitality (USA) has been signed, in edge also are interested Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton.

In effect, to the authorities of Krasnodar territory Kempinski Hotels it is necessary much more, rather than new hotels of the most western network. At least because arrival to region eminent otelera will push to actions and other participants of the market, will raise chances of Sochi to win the right of carrying out of the Olympic Games and a rating of Krasnodar territory basically.

in attraction of investments into Krasnodar territory consulting company Blackwood now is engaged. Similar treaty obligations are signed Blackwood on MIPIMe and with other regions. In particular, with officials of Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Mineral Waters. Possibly, on occurrence of the western hotel networks count and there.

It is necessary to remember that the western hotel operators and the networks created by them function abroad with 50 - h years of last century and have reached in this business of high efficiency and it is demandedgo owners of quality of management. As to their exit on space of Russia, the CIS countries and Baltic now we see here again all as successful, but individual examples of presence in capital and big cities of professional international operators. It is caused by that, having the channels of sales of hotel services adjusted within decades, the international operators have applied them to new territories - there where the stream of foreign tourists was generated: in the cities having the business and cultural centres, - Andrey Slavetsky, the head of department of development of the company " tells; Russian hotels . - With infrastructure adjustment in the remote industrial centres and cities with high tourist potential the international operators began to pay the attention and to the Russian regions. This process is not prompt. From - for presence of some economic and social risks they do the first steps in regions very carefully. And the stream of consumers of hotel services in the Russian regions increases, recently not so much foreign, how many the Russian tourists and businessmen are consumers qualitative, and consequently, expensive hotel product .

the Support on own forces
Russian otelery after the western hotel networks too try to earn on management of the hotels belonging to other proprietors. For today such examples only two. So, the company Russian hotels now creates a direction of the effective hotel operator and plans to apply it on own and involved objects in regions Russian Federations. we intend to unite experience of building of objects of hospitality and features of management of them in Russia with knowledge of the western hotel technologies of maintenance of high-quality service, effective sales and processings of financial results - Andrey Slavetsky, the head of department of development of the company " tells; Russian hotels .

the Management company is also at the Russian network of hotels Heliopark - Heliopark Hotel Management. The company acts simultaneously as the investor and the operator.

as a rule, at management of another`s business risks of a management company are minimum, as activity of managers seldom extends on spheres of investments. Expenses on building, possible losses - problems of the proprietor of business. A management company field of activity concern technical support (and that not always), that is conformity of a building to the standard requirements of a hotel brand, selection and personnel training. Services of the western management companies manage to owners of business on the average in 4 - 8 % from a turn and in 8 - 12 % from hotel profit. The Russian management companies earn hardly less. Nevertheless it is all the same more favourable, rather than franchise acquisition. Franchise cost is calculated individually for each object and makes from 1,5 to 5 % from a turn, without considering $10 - 15 for each room reservation. For this money proprietors of hotels can count on hotel inclusion in the international system of room reservation, consultation of experts of the international network, and sometimes and on partial financing of the project.

an exchange of experience
Leonard Blavatnik - one of shareholders of the Russian oil company of the multinational corporation - VR - became the owner of two magnificent French hotels: Grand - Hotel du Cap - Ferrat in French riviera and Hotel Vendome in the centre Paris. Acquisition has managed to it at least in {euro} 215 million Still {euro} 47 million will be enclosed in development of hotels.

Grand - Hotel du Cap - Ferrat occupies a site with the area of 7 hectares and is on peninsula, from two parties surrounded with Mediterranean sea. In hotel of 53 single rooms, 9 double and one presidential the area of 550 sq. m.

Grand - Hotel du Cap - Ferrat is included into 100 best hotels of a planet under the version of edition Travel + Leisure. According to this rating, the hotel in French riviera occupies 14 - e a place among the best hotels of Europe and 70 - e - in world a top - sheet. However Grand - Hotel du Cap - Ferrat is not simply expensive hotel, and some kind of a place - a legend. It has been opened in the beginning of the last century - in the winter 1908 - go - and has quickly won popularity at aristocratic families of Europe. Here the Russian imperial family, representatives of the European monarchy, and also set of celebrities time and again stopped: Somerset Maugham, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and Aristotle Onassis, Picasso, Paul McCartney, Frenk Sinatra`s family.

the second acquisition of mister Blavatnika - chamber five-star hotel in the centre of Paris - Hotel Vendome. In it of only 18 single and 11 double rooms.

by estimations of the experts, the similar real estate brings to the owner 5 - 7 % have arrived in a year and annually rises in price on 7 - 10 %. France on - former remains to one of the countries most visited by tourists. Only to Paris annually there comes 25 million persons, still approximately as much visitors are accepted for a season by French riviera. Accordingly, it is possible to count on fillability of number fund on 68 - 80 %.

Hotel at road
Motels - hardly probable not a unique symbol of the American culture which in Russia and has not received distribution. Though the one-storeyed hotels most accessible at the price at each number and a minimum of obligations from lodgers are familiar with a parking even to those who never was in the United States. Mainly thanks to the Hollywood films, unfortunately.

Much more, than the USA - the leader on number of motels, but on some lines it is possible within hours of ten not to meet extent of our country of any motel. The mentality of the Russian people is yet ready to hotels on the brink of road, - Michael Gets, the vice-president on strategic development of company Blackwood considers. - Building of a great number of motels across all Russia should stimulate development of internal tourism. But networks as in Russia for today are not present those .

And hardly motels become the widespread phenomenon the next years.

the hotel format of motels in Russia actually is absent. It also speaks market requirements, more truly, absence of these requirements. Motels are necessary there where there are qualitative roads and there are steady streams of autotourists. We do not have main thing - roads for travellers on cars though and there where roads appear, - near to big cities - motels on - former are not present. Why? Because serious investments will not go to their creation without confidence in the potential of the given business, - Andrey Slavetsky, the head of department of development of the company " tells; Russian hotels . - serious marketing researches for acknowledgement of profitability of motels in the Russian conditions Are necessary. The favorable forecast on development of motels is possible in case of an exit on the market of service of granting of the franchise as in the given sector family management of object " can become the most perspective;.

If you managed to stop in hospitable motel, consider that to you has carried also this pleasant exception of a rule. Otelery tell that there are civil-engineering designs of motels about capital stations, the airports and at the Moscow ring highway. In total about ten motels and small campings. However last years attempts of creation of a network of motels nevertheless were. For example, management company Douglas Consulting develops now the project of roadside hotels situated near Moscow on the basis of refuellings EPetrol. Two - three objects are at company Douglas. Nevertheless about realisation terms to speak early, all projects are in a study stage.

Besides, from - for shortages of hotels in Moscow Region places which originally reflected as motels ( Baltic podushkin ) Have quickly turned to suburban hotels. With the prices from {euro} 80 for a night which democratic in any way you will not name.

in world practice motels basically are presented by networks of roadside hotels with the minimum service and posutochnoj payment. At us demand for similar services is washed essentially away, the target groups interested in such hotel objects, basically concern least well-to-do. They are truckers, for example, - Vladimir Zhuravlyov, the director of department of commercial real estate and investments NAI Global explains. - Thus, the further development of a format of motels rests against a problem of insolvency of demand .

it is valid, truckers prefer to sleep in cabins of the cars.

other group of potential clients of motels - the tourists travelling by buses. However shortage of roadside hotels has led to that bus rounds organise so that for a day to move from one city to another and to spend the night in local hotel or in the bus: this category of travellers nepriveredliva. It is not necessary to forget and that the road on - former associates with a crime and high risk for institutions working about it that, according to experts, frightens off private businessmen. And motels, it agree stories, always began as small family business.