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Imperial style will replace Russian avant-guard

the Capital grup has thought up how to use a site on Yakimanka where was going to construct a complex Russian avant-guard which project was not pleasant to authorities of the capital. Now the developer plans to construct on this earth ofisno - a housing estate Imperial style the area of 44 thousand in sq. m. of the Investment into the project will make $250 million, and the cost price of building in 1 sq. m - record $5 thousand for the Moscow market
According to the commercial director the Capital grup Alexey Belousova, Imperial style it will be constructed on a site in the Jakimansky lane by the area of 2 hectares, the complex area - 44 thousand in sq. m. From them 10,5 thousand in sq. m is necessary on offices of class A, 19,8 thousand in sq. m - on category habitation lux (65 apartments the area from 185 to 360 sq.). Other area will be occupied with parking. Now there is a zero cycle of building, to finish it it is supposed in 2008.

investments into building mister Belousov has estimated in $250 million, from them of 30 % - own means and 70 % - extra. Thus, building in 1 sq. m will manage the companies more than in $5 thousand at the average cost price of building in 1 sq. m of elite habitation in $2 - 3 thousand Mister Belousov has explained it dearness of furnish places of the general using and presence interesting architectural decisions on building facades, however a share of expenses for these purposes did not name. According to the general director of consulting company DTZ David About ` Jaras, a share of expenses for services of architects and designers in expensive projects - 3 - 5 % from cost building - installation works, and for this project will exceed $10 million

Participants of the market say that the building cost price Imperial style becomes record for the market. Vice-president Mirax Group Dmitry Lutsenko has told that before the maximum lath $4 thousand for 1 sq. m, and the first vice-president " were considered; Systems - the Tack Azary Lapidus named figure in $3 thousand However, growth of the cost price of building of elite habitation of mister Lapidusa does not surprise. with introduction by a city of a payment for connection to electric systems in September, 2006 the share of expenses for creation of an engineering infrastructure has grown approximately with 10 - 15 % to 30 % - he specifies. Now cost of connection in Moscow makes of 1 kw 39 - 45 thousand rbl. According to mister Lapidusa, the Capital grup it is necessary to connect an order 8 MVt.

However, the Capital grup expects to earn well on the project. Cost of apartments in Imperial style will make a minimum $20 thousand for 1 sq. m; offices will lease a minimum on $1 thousand for 1 sq. m a year, Alexey Belousov has informed.

The capital grup it is created in 1991. Conducts building more than 50 objects of commercial and inhabited real estate a total area more than 5 million in sq. m. Co-owners of the company participants of the market name Vladislav Doronin, Pavel Te and Edward Bermana. Financial indicators do not reveal.

a site where it will be constructed Imperial style the Capital grup has received about five years ago and planned to construct on it a housing estate Russian avant-guard from five buildings a total area of 55 thousand in sq. m. However the project developed by known Dutch architect Eric van by Egeraatom, at last stage of the coordination has been rejected personally by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov in the spring of 2004. The concept of the new project which author is the Moscow architect Michael Belov, according to mister Belousova, basically it is co-ordinated however on social council consideration it was not taken out.